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Curses and How to Deal with Them (4 of 5)

Mike Connell

The one who says, it means he doesn't like me, is now tormented and demons keep tormenting him, and it just racks around in his day and day and day. I've had people come to me after two years and say you know, two years ago you did this. I'm thinking two years ago? I don't remember two minutes ago! [Laughter] You know, two years ago! How can you remember two years ago? They'd been in torment for two years. [Laughter] I'm thinking whoa! I remember a person who'd been in our church for many years and came and did that, and I was stunned you know, to think you've been tormented and sitting there angry at me for two years! I didn't have a clue, but the problem was they misinterpreted something. They actually put a judgement on it. Now the dilemma with judgements is, when you have judgements in your life, they are a conclusion you yourself formed, and you will live out of your judgements.

Here's one of the things about bitter judgements is they're like the opposite to faith. Faith brings in the good things of God, bitter judgements bring in the very bad things you expected, now are drawn like a magnet into your life. So even if the person is a good person, so suppose you get a young woman marries a man, and her belief is: you can never trust a man, they'll always let you down, then you know what'll happen? That man's going to let her down, and before he lets her down in reality, she'll accuse him of letting her down many times, when he didn't let her down at all. In other words, she will defile it. I'll give you an example. I was asked to counsel one person in Taiwan and I don't know why they asked me. They asked me to counsel them, so I asked what's the problem? She said well I've got this guy wants to marry me. I said well that's interesting. She said well, I've got a child. I said oh, that's interesting, how old's your child? She told me how old the child is. I said who's the father of the child? Oh, it's another guy. Okay, so tell me more.

Anyway she told the story and here's the story. She'd had a relationship with this guy that's now wanting to marry her, and the relationship broke up, she had a fling with someone else as a reaction, got pregnant, had the child, and now she's got the baby, and the other guy, the first guy is now interested in her, and now she's weighing up whether she should marry him. I said is he Christian? No. Oh okay then, why would you go ahead and want to do that? I said really, tell me why did the relationship break up? She said well, while we were going out together, he was unfaithful to me three times. I said really? Well is he Christian yet? No, no. I said well he's not changed then has he? He's the same person he was, he was unfaithful then, he's unfaithful again, so you're just asking for trouble. Do not do this. Then I said, tell me about your father, how's your father doing? How do you get on with your father? I don't see my father much. I said why is that? Well the parents broke up when I was a teenager. I said oh, isn't that interesting, you don't see him anymore? She said no, we don't get on too well. I said really, that's interesting - so tell me why did the marriage break up? She said he was unfaithful to my mother. I said how many times? Three times.

I said, can you not see, that you are having a re-run of the bitter judgement of your father? It's literally replaying in your life again, just like it originally happened. Your father was unfaithful with your mother, he betrayed your mother, betrayed you, the marriage broke up, and he has caused huge grief and pain to your life - and you have judged him. Now, you're drawing into someone who'd done exactly the same to you, and having broken free once, now you're drawing back in again to the same thing. You've got the conflict with your father, and this is defiling how you see this relationship. You know what she said? I don't see that. I said I'm sorry, I can't help you, because this is actually how it is. You have a bitter judgement against your father, and it's going to defile your relationships with men the rest of your life, until you actually address it. This is what the problem is. I said my counsel is very simple: do not marry the man. You've got a problem in your heart with all men, and you need to resolve that first. But she didn't see it, so I've no doubt she's carried on - quite a shame really, but you know, people - I was reminded again afterwards - I don't judge her for that. That's how life works, you know?

We make our choices - but how Jesus said: judge not lest you be judged, the same measure you judge, it'll come back to you. Then He said - notice this - He said hypocrite, first remove the beam out of your own eye, then you'll see clearly, to get the speck out of the other. So what He's saying is, when you've got judgement, it's like a big beam in your eye and you can't see clearly, so if you want to see clearly in relationship, you have to remove judgement. Judgements are demonic doorways for spirits to come in, because Satan's the great accuser, so if you have a bitter judgement in your heart, it's a huge open doorway for an evil spirit to come in, so any time - so if it's a woman's got an issue with men, she's going to have trouble with men all her life, because every time they do something, the accusing spirits will accuse and wind it up, and next thing you know, it's in high drive and high emotions, emotions beyond what the incident called for. So if you ever see someone who's in a high overdrive in their emotions, well above what the situation called for, they have got bitter judgements in their heart, there's unresolved conflict in their heart, and demons have got a hold of their life.