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Curses and How to Deal with Them (4 of 5)

Mike Connell

Now that's like making a profession of faith. Now I repent of the sin, I turn to You and confess Lord, I'm asking for Your forgiveness, and I choose to release forgiveness. I hold nothing in my heart, no judgement, no bitterness. I renounce all bitter judgements and all inner vows that I have made, anything that's locked my life up to this thing. Lord, I renounce the cursings that are over my life. I speak them off, I cancel their power, any agreements - and think back that there may be someone's made agreements with the demons, someone has actually entered into covenant with the demon. We don't know what people have done, as the Holy Spirit leaves. Some people cut themselves, and have blood lettings to demons. That's very powerful, and so we need to just renounce them all, because the blood of Jesus is more powerful than that. Then finally resist, I take a stand to resist.

So in ministering to people that part, if you can get the heart prepared then the ministry of deliverance is quite easy. It's just breaking the curses: in Jesus' name I just break that curse, I command that spirit to go in Jesus' name. Okay, so how are we doing? Why don't we just stand up and move around, have a break for five minutes.

Great, okay. One of the things you'll realise as we look at the work of deliverance, we need the Holy Ghost. There is just too much that's covered that you wouldn't know. You can't do it without the presence of the Holy Spirit. That's why I got you in your first exercise, it was just getting used to flowing with the Holy Spirit. We'll do another one of those before we finish this morning, and then this afternoon we want to look at the whole area of just actually deliverance, what it would involve. Okay, how many have already become aware, I've got some issues that I would like to have sorted out? Okay, that's great, so we'll have some time to minister and pray today, but some of these things, there's a journey on them, and there are two approaches; one is we just believe God together, we lead you through prayer, and have a time of ministry. That will bring a certain measure of release. There's another way of dealing with it, which is by process, taking one problem in your life and step by step dealing with everything that contributes to it, then removing the demonic spirits out of it.

This is where the course Prayers the Heal the Heart help with that. They take one issue and you walk your way down all the possible contributing factors, then deal with the demons around it. So there's no one way of doing things, and we're wanting to teach you about how to flow and to work with the Holy Spirit, how to work in deliverance, so I won't go into every aspect. We'll just keep you in just what I consider the basics. I want to have a look just at the issue of breaking bondages, bondages. Bondage, you think of someone tied up, as in bondage. In Luke 13, Verse 16, Jesus said ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound for 18 years, be loosed from this bondage on the Sabbath? You've not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but received the spirit that places you into sonship, by which we call out Abba, Father. So people can have bondages. Now there are a whole range of different bondages, but almost always they end up with issues in your heart, and what I want to do is I want to identify a number of issues of the heart.

The Bible says in Proverbs 4 and Verse 23, it says: guard your heart, because out of your heart flow all the issues of your life. Keep your heart, for out of your heart will flow the issues of your life. So in my work with deliverance over a number of years, I've found that the majority of problems were caused by legal rights, but the legal rights were formed not just by sin, but also by, in many instances, reactions people made to being hurt, so I've listed some that I have worked with. I want to just identify them for you so you become aware that these things are a bondage. It's not hard to break them, but you've got to recognise that it exists. When you recognise it exists, and exercise authority over it, it will break, and then if there's any demon attached to it, you can get it out. So it's only the anointing of the Holy Spirit can break the yokes of bondage, only God can do it, but He requires that we engage with Him in that journey. Let's go through and have a little look at some of the different kinds of bondages.

I've already referred to some of these. Let's just explain what each one is. Number one, an ungodly soul tie or soul attachment, see? A soul tie or a soul attachment, now a soul tie is a bonding between two people. God has designed us to be joined. We can join to the Lord, and be spiritually bonded to Him. We can join with people, and be bonded to people. It says this guy in the Old Testament, Genesis 34, Verse 3, he abused Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, and his soul cleaved, or joined to her. So soul ties can be good, they can be Godly, a husband and wife are bonded together, parents and children there's a bonding together. Those are good bondings. Bonding is very, very important. When we become part of a church, there's a bonding. We get connected, we feel bonded, so a bonding is a crucial part of human development, the attachment. You find a baby that does not attach or bond properly to a parent, never forms good intimate relationships, so God has designed us for bonding and the first process or task any person has in life is to bond, so a child that doesn't bond will have huge issues later in life.