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Curses and How to Deal with Them (4 of 5)

Mike Connell

Some of you here may have tattoos, or you've got them cleverly hidden. We're not condemning you, you have what you have. It's just helpful to be aware that all of these things can be doorways through which spirits can afflict people. So whenever there's a soul tie, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we just break that soul tie now, we hold the cross of Christ between those two people, and release you from it. It's quite a simple thing to do, just as simple as that. Imagine a cord between the two people - in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I just cut that soul tie right now. I break it in Jesus' name, and as you're breaking it, begin to look in the spirit, look and allow God to show you what's happening. Often you'll find there'll be just a sudden release, command the spirit using that soul tie, to go.

Another one which is a very common one which I've found is a death wish. When people are in a lot of pain or trauma, they make a death wish, they wish I just wish I was dead. So when a person does that, and there's examples in the Bible; Moses did it, Elijah did it, in various times of stress. When a person makes a death wish, they can open the door to agreement with a spirit of death. I just wish I was dead, spirit comes around them and then they get numbed out, and disconnected, so often death wishes are made when a person's experienced sexual abuse, painful failure, I just wish I could die. A long period of extended stress and pressure, a controlling relationship and the emotional turmoil, they can't see a way out. They just I just wish I was dead, so when a person has a death wish, that thing opens the door to a spirit of death, and often subsequently in times of stress, they suddenly feel they want to die.

Then spirits of suicide will come around and say: oh well, it's the best thing, do yourself a favour, do everyone else a favour, just kill yourself. The person is tormented by demonic spirits of suicide, and despair, and deep self-rejection, so when a person makes a death wish, they've given up hope that God has a great future, and they could walk their way through, and they've rejected their own selves and they're saying: I just wish I was dead. A lot of teenagers get locked in this kind of thing, and that becomes a major problem for them, so when a person does this they become in agreement with a spiritual power, the spirit of death that numbs and isolates them. Maybe some of you have been through a time of stress like that, and in that time of stress and pain have started to say those things. You would have found that subsequently in life, when you're in stress, you'll easily tend towards become full of despair and hopelessness, and rejecting yourself, and then wanting to die.

If that's been the case, should just open it out, bring it out to the Lord, and let God help you with it. In dealing with a death wish, usually there's a pain that goes with it. It's helpful to talk about the pain and what happened, release forgiveness into the situation, and then renounce the death wish; in Jesus' name, I just renounce that death wish. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I cancel its power right now. I choose life. God is with me, life is good, God has a great plan for my life. So God is a God of hope, so when people lose hope, that's when they start to make these death wishes, and they're far more common that you realise. When people make them, they don't realise the agreement they've made with a spirit of death, and what it can open up in their life, so just be aware of that one. I just wish I was dead, I just want to die - so inevitably it has on-going impact in relational closeness, and the ability to form close bonds. The person will isolate, withdraw, and shut down, and just want to die.

Okay, we've gone all quiet on that one. I assume there's one or two have made those death wishes, so it may well be that that's something you just need to put a tick beside, or a cross beside, or a circle around, and say I need to, before the day is out, resolve that issue. Amen? Okay then, and you resolve it by acknowledging it, and repenting of that desire to die, and choosing life. I renounce that death wish. Okay, here's another one, a third one. The third one, which is a very common one too, is an inner vow, an inner vow. A vow, is a word you speak, which binds you to a commitment, like if people make a wedding vow, they speak the words out, and they make commitments to one another. An inner vow is words spoken into yourself, and an inner vow usually goes something like this. It usually starts with I'll never do this, I'll never do that, I'll never trust a man, I'll never trust a woman, I'll never go out, I'll never do this and do that. For example, one of the things I did as an inner vow, when I was a teenager about 14, I can remember it clearly, absolutely clearly, and we had to do this performing at school and stuff like that. I made an inner vow, I'll never sing anywhere in front of people. [Laughter]