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Curses and How to Deal with Them (4 of 5)

Mike Connell

I remember talking to one young man, and he was in conflict with one of our leaders in our church, so I went to sit and talk with him to try and work it all out, and try to find out. Of course he had his whole reason for why he was in conflict with this leader and oh, it's okay. I said well, tell me about how you're getting on at the workplace? He said I've just shifted job. I said why did you shift job? He said I had a conflict with the boss. Oh really, what about your last work? Oh no, same thing happened there, and I said oh really? I said did you ever have a good job you liked? He said oh yeah and he told me the job he liked, so that was great. I said how did you get on with the boss there? Oh, well not too good actually, I fell out with him. Oh really, I said. Tell me, how did you get on at school? Oh, didn't do so good at school. I said what about the teachers, how did you get on with the teachers? No, I didn't get on with the teachers at all. Oh really? Now he's starting to see a pattern starting to develop now.

I said okay then, how about your dad, how did you get on with your dad and your mum? Oh, I didn't like my dad, kicked me out of home. I said really? He said well, it wasn't my real dad, he was my step-dad, I was adopted. I said oh really, how interesting, and I could see straight away that there is a common pattern in it all. There is a pattern of conflict and reaction to authority figures all the way through his life, and the root goes right back to him being rejected, and having bitterness and resentment against his father and mother for rejecting him. It projected against the adoptive parents, and then every authority figure in life, so whatever he put his hand to was cursed, it just would not prosper and go ahead. I've watched him make plan after plan after plan, and it would not prosper. It's like it was a great plan, yes, it should succeed, couldn't quite pull it off, something went wrong at the last minute. It was like there's no reason for it, but it happened, and in this case, the cursing went right back to the whole thing of being adopted, and the bitterness in the heart, the judgements against the father, and the spirits that had access to work while he didn't deal with the heart issue. Getting the idea?

Okay then, so how are we going to deal with freedom from cursing? We have to first identify - we have to find out what the curse is, and try to identify where it came from. Then I've found a very simple process is to take it step by step, it's very, very simple. You are dealing, when you're dealing with a curse, with a legal right. The demon as a right to be there. Remove the right, and the demon will go quite quickly. Remove the legal right. Now that's a crucial part of dealing with all of this stuff, is removing legal rights, removing the grounds the spirit claims it has, to be in the person's life. Now in Galatians 3, Verses 13 and 14, Christ has redeemed us from the curse. That means He's paid the full price for us to be free of cursings, He become a curse for us, for what? So we could be blessed. The blessing of Abraham come on us and on the gentiles through faith in Christ. There it is, Galatians 3, 13 and 14. Now God's intention is this, is that when you come to Christ, you are repositioned in a place of blessing.

In Ephesians 1, it tells us Verse 3, He has blessed us with every blessing in spiritual places, in heavenly places, so already you are blessed. You are in a place of blessing. You don't have to do something in order to get blessed, you are already, in identifying with Christ, blessed. What we do need to do though, many times, is to break legal rights that evil spirits have, which they still cling onto to afflict us, so how do we do that? I think number one, the person needs to recognise what the issue is. They need to recognise, this is what my problem is. They need to repent of any sin that they have done, that's opened the door to that, so repentance is a crucial part. If there's a cursing, we should speak it off our life; in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce that curse, I cancel that curse, I cancel all agreements made with evil spirits. I renounce it in Jesus' name. It's not a hard thing to do, speak, and break this off your life. Make a stand, I belong to Christ, I cancel this thing over my life.

So our keys to freedom are: recognising there's a problem, standing up and identifying with Christ, repenting of the sin, renouncing the bondage, forgiving those who've hurt us, and claiming freedom in Christ. It's always the same pretty well for all areas of deliverance; recognise the problem, repent of any sin, renounce any cursings, release forgiveness, and receive forgiveness for what we've done, and then make a stand to resist. Later on we'll lead you through a prayer to make a stand around that area, and let's see what God will do. Remember what it is again; I need to recognise the problem and own responsibility, it's my problem. It won't go until I own it. Secondly, I need to come to the Lord, and acknowledge who He is and what He's done, and repent of any sin that gives this thing right to be there. Third, I need to release forgiveness to any who have hurt me, or opened the way for this cursing to come; four, to renounce the spirit, to renounce the bondage, in Jesus' name I renounce and cancel any bondage caused by this, any legal right, any legal ground established by this sin, and then resist the spirits; in Jesus' name, go from my life, I resist you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So I'll lead you in a prayer a little later to do that. It's quite simple.