Freedom Conference (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

Sometimes they've got to speak it out and when you speak it out you then make it effective. Remember in the Bible the first use of words in the Bible was to create something from the spirit or to bring something from the spirit world into the physical reality, so one of the most powerful tools we have is our tongue to bring from the spirit world realities into our physical world, so we need to speak things off your life. Speak words of release. Speak words of forgiveness, speak words of blessings, speak - speak, speak, speak, speak. Speak! Learn to speak, declare, because Jesus is the High Priest of our confession. He takes what we speak and it starts to become effective in the spirit realm and manifest in the physical realm. Getting the idea?

Then finally we need to reach out in faith. You need to reach out in faith. There's got to be an extending my faith to believe that Jesus will set me free, so if I will meet His conditions He will help me. In James 4, Verse 7, it says submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. How easy can it get? You submit. That means - the word is the word hupotasso - hupo, to place yourself beneath and tasso, to position yourself. So when it uses the word 'submit' it's a word - position yourself in alignment with God under His leadership, so together you can do the next thing and get a victory. The next word is resist the devil. The word 'resist' is the word anti tasso - so hupotasso, position yourself under the leadership and authority of Christ; anti tasso, stand against or position yourself against the devil and his activities. You've got to make a stand. Make a stand - a stand for the Lord, reaching out to Him and a stand against evil spirits and we usually do that by speaking, by our words and by our actions.

So those are the foundational things for being set free. Got it? I've got to recognise I've got an issue. I've got to face it and take responsibility it's my problem, even if someone contributed to it. I've still got to own it so I've got empowerment to start to address it and change it. See? Second thing, I need to repent of any sin, anything that I've participated in that gave rights to demons to be in my life, I've got to get rid of it. I've got to acknowledge it, confess it, turn from it. Thirdly, I need to release forgiveness. I've got to make a decision I'm letting go and even if I have to work that out over a little period of time, God will hear my heart cry I'm letting it go today. Today I make my stand and let it go, even if that has to be worked out over a period of time and it's got some difficulties around it. Nevertheless God does hear that cry, today I let it go. Today I'm letting that judgement go. I need to speak things off my life, renounce bondages, agreements I've made. If I've come into agreement with any demonic power in any kind of way, then I need to renounce and cancel it - and finally to reach out, Jesus, you're my saviour. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Jesus, I'm reaching out to you! Otherwise we tend to look and - I want Pastor Mike to pray for me! You know? He prays for me, I'll get free. Oh, it didn't work. I'll go to Pastor Benny Hinn, he'll pray for me. I'll get forever ... [Laughter] ... and we start to jump from ministry to ministry and don't realise the real problem is not the ministry and their authority and power. The real issue is your responsibility to align ... [Applause] ... with the Holy Ghost. Getting the idea?

Come on, let's give the Lord a clap shall we? ... [Applause] ... HOLY GHOST! We love you Lord! We love you Lord! Bless God.

Well we want to have a couple of altar calls and I want to just get stuck in now and pray. Let's get things stirred! Let's get some demons out. Why don't we just stand up and start praying in tongues and get ourselves wound up and stirred up and start to claw some demons! Why don't we get the musicians up and do that song we did again. That was just such a great atmosphere comes with that song and what I'll do is I'll just have some altar calls and each altar call I'll just give a brief explanation of what it's about. If that's you just come on up, put your hands up and say God, go for it - I'm here! [Laughs] What I'll do is I'll lead you through a prayer and if you understand the prayer is actually about acknowledging who you are in Christ, owning what's the issue, repenting of anything you need to repent of, forgiving, renouncing and claiming freedom - then reach out to the Lord for your freedom. It's not about someone laying hands on you. People get free without even getting prayed for, you know? They just say whoa! That's me, I'm outta here! [Laughs] Thank God.