Freedom Conference (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

Come on, let's just flow into that song, sing that song, then I'll start to have some altar calls, we'll start to pray for people. That is such a great song, I love this song - get lost in it. Halleluiah! Don't you love Him? Oh, I love this Jesus. I love Him so much. ... [Applause] ... My saviour and my deliverer.

[Music and song] Come on, let's lift our hands. Let's worship Him. ... [Music and song to 01.36.07]

I want you just to close your eyes, lift your hands. Just stay in that place of worshipping and just let me just talk to your heart for a moment. I'm going to just name two doors of entrance and if this applies to you then won't you just as I talk, just make your way to the front and lift your hands to the Lord. First one is generational inequity. The Bible says in Exodus 20, Verses 1 to 6, it says that if people are involved in idolatry, spiritism, engagement with wicked spirits of any kind, then the inequity will be visited from generation to generation for three to four generations. You see the punishment for idolatry was death, but if you kill the people then there's no more generations and so God spread the weight of the inequity, the burden of this over three or four generations. It was not hey, this is a mean God. It's more actually God, in your compassion, you've spread the consequence so the generational line doesn't vanish and so inequity. So if people have been involved in occult or freemasonry - freemasonry starts off very simply but it ends up with the worship of Lucifer as god. If you have freemasonry in your background, your father, your grandfather been involved in a lodge or there's been a female lodge, what happens is it opens up areas of spirits of death come into the family. There are spirits of infirmity and sickness come into the family and there's emotional hardness, coldness, so the men are cold and hard and shut down emotionally and women feel hated. They actually feel they can't come forward, so a woman in a family where there's been freemasonry, there's no love and intimacy. It doesn't come easily. There's actually a wall of hardness and coldness and there's a spirit comes against them.

So if there's freemasonry in your background it will create religious confusion, difficulty in memorising scripture and getting a hold of spiritual things. So if your family's been involved in any kind of idolatry or spiritism, then the doorways been opened for an inequity to flow through the family - so have a think back in your family. There are patterns that repeat generationally. Have there been spirits that come in and torment? Has there been breakdowns with adultery generation after generation? Has there been hidden secrets and lust, incest, all kinds of things that go on in the family background? Has that been present in my family background? Have I been struggling? Has my family been struggling with that - or maybe there's a pattern of sicknesses just comes down the family line. Maybe there's a pattern of premature death, that so many people have died unexpectedly. Did you ever look at the Kennedy family? There's clearly a curse is operating in the Kennedy family, just one after the other just unexplained deaths.

There's many families that are like that - unexplained accidents, unexplained deaths, mental breakdowns, family and relational breakdowns. It's like something is operating like an invisible force and it affects - for a woman, if a woman's in a family there's been occultic background or these kinds of things from the occult, what she would experience would be problems in her womb, menstrual problems, growths, pains, miscarriages, all of these kinds of things come often out of a - the Bible says in Hosea, those that worship idols - I'll cause the womb to miscarry. How about that? There's a direct connection between idolatry and the miscarrying from the womb, an inability to produce. It's a cursing that comes upon a family line, so if you find that you're infertile, unable to bear, it could be there's something in the family line. It could be a physical thing in your body, could be something in the family line, a cursing and in a moment of time you could be set free.

Maybe the second area that I want to just talk about is the occult. People don't understand what that means. The word 'occult' means covered or hidden. That's because the source of power behind the activity is concealed, so the word occult refers to two groups of activities. One is divination. Divination is fortune telling, looking to spiritual powers to find the future, to find out about how my life with go. Will I be blessed? What will happen to me? So there's a whole range of activities. You may have been involved in some of these. If you've been involved with an Ouija board and calling up spirits, then you've been involved with spirit divination. If you've been involved with séances, calling up spirits, been involved in visiting a séance or a medium, then you've got involved - you've opened a direct door to evil spirits. You'd need to come up because you've made an alliance with an evil spirit.