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Freedom Conference (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

Notice that he confessed over them inequities, transgressions and sin - he brought the whole lot out and the blood dealt with all of them. The blood dealt with all of them. Notice in the Old Testament they had to apply the blood to the lintel, to the inequities, the doorpost, transgressions and the sins. They had to use God's remedy. You can imagine this: imagine being in a family and it's the night that the Angel of Death comes over the family. You would be real keen dad did this right ... [Laughter] ... especially if you're the eldest son! You'd be really keen - Dad! Make sure it's covered those spots in the lamb! Make sure you get all the blood! I don't think there's enough on that lintel. Put some more up there! ... [Laughter] ... I mean this is really, really important if you're the eldest son. And then you make dad do a good job on this thing! They'd all check the thing out, make sure that lambs got no spot. Jesus was checked out four times - no spot. Four different people checked Him out - no spot, no fault, they gave a false accusation against Him. He is truly the lamb without a blemish, see?

So they put the blood up there on the lintel, on the side of the doorpost. Then they had to come in and stay behind the door or under the protection that the blood offered and the Angel of Death could not help them. Now we tend to use the kind of term well plead the blood, but people often don't have a clue what that means. It's like making the sign of the cross, it's just a Pentecostal version alright, you know ... [Laughter] ... whatever, of the same kind of thing, you know? Rather than actually understanding, to plead the blood really it means this: I HAVE FAITH that the blood of Jesus Christ has dealt with my inequity, transgressions and sins! There is no accusation against me. I stand fully, freely and boldly in the presence of an Almighty God! ... [Applause] ... No devil can touch me today! The blood of Christ covers my life!

That's a very strong thing. It's very important to learn how to apply the blood and you apply it by confession. You have to declare and agree with it, so you notice that although God made the provision for them their responsibility was to apply the provision, see?

So now if they hadn't applied the provision the blood would have done the job but because it wasn't applied it wouldn't have had any benefit for them. You actually had to take God's provision. You have to take God's provision. You have to take what God has provided, so in other words if you want to get free you get free God's way, not your way. His way, not your way. If you just want someone to come and lay hands on you and pray for you and fix you up, it doesn't work like that. I wish it did but it doesn't. There's a part you play - YOU play, see? According to your faith it'll be done unto you.

So now let's have a look at the part that we play. I want you to have a look with me quickly into 2 Timothy, Chapter 2. What is the part I have to play? Well we get an insight to it in the scripture here where it talks about setting people free, then I'll list it for you specifically what your part is because I've found many people want to get free but they don't want to meet God's requirements for freedom. They don't want to get it God's way. You know there's only one way to be saved, by faith in what Jesus Christ did for you. There isn't any other way. You either take that way or you're not saved, it's as simple as that and that's because God set it out that way. You have it on God's terms, not ours, see? Freedom comes on God's terms, not ours and so the word 'saved' by the way means not only to rescue someone. It means to deliver them from an oppressor, so when we use the word saved - in the Hebrew use of the word sozo it carried the full meaning, to rescue someone, to deliver them from the hand of an oppressor, to heal them, to restore them. So healing and deliverance and salvation are all wrapped up in that word 'saved'.

Okay, now have a look in 2 Timothy, Chapter 2 and it says in Verse 24, the servant of the Lord must not quarrel or strive but be gentle to all, able to teach patience, in humility correcting those who are oppose themselves. If perhaps God will grant them repentance so they may acknowledge the truth and they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.

Now it's talking here about people being set free and the process of a person being set free and you notice in this process there is the servant of the Lord. We're told what's required of us to minister freedom and so notice what it says: don't argue with people or strive with people or contend, don't fight with them but rather be gentle and teach people. That's why you notice when I do deliverance ministry I take some time to do teaching, because it's Biblical to do. It's what the Bible tells to do, to lay a foundation of the word so faith comes up, see? Okay, able to teach patience - you've got to be patient because sometimes people aren't ready for ministry so the tendency is to want to run in and fix people up. Actually no, I'm here to represent Christ, to bring you to Him and He will do in your life what you are ready for at this stage. It doesn't mean everything is done. It means what you are ready for, so in a group like this there'll be some who are right open ready. I could have just jumped up, start praying for you straight away, stuff's going to happen and I have to discipline myself not to do that. I'd love to do that but I've just disciplined myself over time not to just run in and do that because there are many who just need a little more time to understand what this is all about so that they can actually open their heart and respond to God. That's why I have to be gentle and patient. [Laughs] Me - I want to get into it, claw people straight away ... [Laughter] ... Gonna' get demons screaming, you know? That's what I like. ... [Applause] ... And I've been known to run amok in meetings and have hundreds screaming all at the one time - I can tell you now, so I've learnt to just be a bit more systematic. ... [Laughter]