Freedom Conference (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

Okay, I want you to have a look with me in Colossians 2. I want to look first of all what Jesus has done and then how we apply it to our life because this is a very vital part of it, otherwise you just get caught with the spirit dimensions and you don't have a strong base of what we're really trying to do and why we're doing what we're doing. Okay, so let's have a look in Colossians, Chapter 2; And you being dead in your trespasses and uncircumcision of your flesh - He's talking about what we were before we came to Christ. We were spiritually dead, disconnected, walking according to the course of this world, under the influence of demonic spirits - and it says He has made us alive together with Him. Now look what He's done - having forgiven you all trespasses - all. All. That's all that's been in the past ... [Applause] ... all that's here now, all that'll happen in the future - having forgiven. So at the cross, one of the things He accomplished, He forgave all trespasses. Notice what else; and then He wiped away the handwriting of requirements that was against us, that was contrary to us, took it out of the way having nailed it to the cross.

In other words what He did was He took the lists of accusations in the spirit world against you. Now the spirit world - I can't develop it very much today, but in the spirit realm there is a place called the Courts of Heaven and there's a dimension there where the devil stands as the accuser. You know, in Revelations 12:10 it says he accuses us day and night before our God, so therefore there's a dimension in the spirit where the devil acts as a prosecutor, as an accuser and he's worked constantly. He's accused us before God and so not only do we suffer that he accuses us in our mind and heart - like Jurgen was sharing how he was tormented by this unclean spirit, but straight after the unclean picture would come in, straight after that would come the accusation - what's wrong with you? In other words something's wrong with you - so the devil acts as an accuser and he accuses you directly, reminding you of your faults and failures and shortfalls and he acts as an accuser before God demanding legal right to oppress you.

So the grounds for demonic spirits to gain access to people's lives is always the broken laws of God. The Bible says in the day you sin you'll die. There's a consequence of sin and we shared last night that ignorance does not free you from the consequences of your actions. In fact in the Old Testament there was an offering for sins of ignorance. Isn't that interesting? Why did they make an offering for sins of ignorance? Because there was a real impact spiritually on people of breaking the laws of God even if they didn't know it and it needed to be addressed. God has got a way of addressing sin, so what He set out very clearly - it's a very simple principle. He said you are responsible for your life and the decisions you have, you have a free will what to do with your life but you have no choice over the consequences. There are always consequences for sin, but there's also a remedy for sin. So God has provided a remedy for sin. If sin gives the demons access to a person's life, God has provided a remedy and part of the remedy is how to deal with the list of accusations that's against you.

So many people who have become a Christian find for a lot of their ministry of their Christian life they don't stand in a spiritual freedom. They live constantly there's something wrong with me, I'm not good enough. They live actually under the law, they live under judgement, under accusation and so notice it says that one of the things that Jesus did was He wiped out the list of everything that has been written in the heavens or written or recorded by the devil against you as an accusation against you, Jesus by His blood cancelled or blotted out the whole list ... [Applause] ... and it says - notice what else. He said He took it out of the way - in other words it was against you and contrary to you, so while there are things undealt with the devil can continue to come, access you, torment you, invade you, accuse you - unless it is dealt with. So it says Jesus took it out of the way, so when He died He died as our representative taking every sin, every failure, every area of inequity, He took it all to the cross.

Now notice in doing this He disarmed or He stripped evil spirits of their power to harm us. See? So that tells us that the power that demons have to harm you and to afflict you lies in you having a list of things in the spirit world against you. But if that's removed, then the power of the demon is taken away. It's got no place to anchor in, no place to lock in ... [Applause] ... no place to fight in Amen! Having removed, disarmed principalities and powers He made a public spectacle over them, triumphing over them in it. So when Jesus died on the cross He didn't just die for your sins. There was a great cosmic battle taking place where He actually totally dealt with the demonic realm and what it used as a weapon against us. He literally overpowered it.