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Freedom Conference (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

So there's many, many avenues for divination, fortune telling, trying to find the future by various ways. The other branch of the occult is sorcery. Sorcery's magic. It's using spiritual power to change people and circumstances and today's culture's full of magic. It's always been full of magic, just it's more open now and so sorcery is various kinds of magic spells, charms, calling on spirits, invoking spirits to do things to help people. Harry Potter movies are full of sorcery. So many of the modern movies are full of sorcery. One of the things that opens the door to sorcery that we found are some of the modern video games. I'm not against video games and games on the internet, but I have prayed - I was in a Bible school, Kong Hee's Bible School when one young man came up on a word of knowledge and he'd been playing the World of Warcraft had taken the role of a wizard and so he was playing this 24 hours a day. He was really addicted to the game and he was well into this identity of a wizard and he was gaining power by destroying people, but what he didn't realise, he'd opened his mind and imagination into the realm of the spirit and opened a doorway for an evil spirit to come in. He was under a bondage to sorcery and when we asked him to renounce the identity in the game he manifested. That day 200 students serving God, loving God, in Bible school but privately opening their lives through these games to sorcery and hatred and murder and bitterness - and they come up and there was massive deliverance that day.

If you've been involved in these kinds of things, you're addicted or it's a bondage around you, then you need to come up and say God, I want to be free of this thing. I want to be free of all these things - magic, sorcery, generational cursings. I want these things broken off my life in Jesus' name. Halleluiah.

This is what we're going to do now. I'm going to get the musicians just to sing this song through one more time and while we're doing that I want you to quietly pray, whatever you've been involved in just confess it and repent it to the Lord. Name it. Name it. Lord, I was involved calling up spirits. Lord, I made covenants; I've cut myself and called on spirits. I've made covenants with demons. Lord, I've been involved in various kinds of activities - just name what it is. Just talk - bring it to the Lord, confess it to Him and ask Him just to forgive you and cleanse you. Just do that right now. After that I'll lead you in a prayer and we'll start to pray for you to get you set free.

Are we ready? Okay, musicians. Holy Holy. ... [Music and song to 01.44.52]

I want you to just lift your hands to the Lord right now. I'm going to lead you in a prayer. I want you to follow me in the prayer. You are reaching out to Jesus for Him to deliver you. After we've finished the prayer, you just begin to worship Him. Keep your eyes on Him and someone's going to come along, will come and lay hands on you and pray to break bondages. When we lay hands on you you just stop praying. Stop praying, but we're praying for you. That's when you receive and when we command the spirits, most commonly they come out by coughing or breathing out and you may just feel that you have to do that or whatever and there may be a manifestations, may not. We're not worried about manifestations. You can get free without any manifestations at all, so I'll lead you in the prayer, you follow in the prayer. You reach out and worship the Lord and when we come and lay hands on you stop praying and just receive. Whatever's inside you, you resist it. It's got to go from you. You arise. This is your body, your temple. You take your dominion over it - don't let that thing stay there anymore. ... [Applause] ... Follow me in this prayer now.

[Repeated by audience] ... Father in heaven, I come to you in Jesus' name. I confess Jesus Christ is my saviour and Lord. I'm redeemed by the blood of Jesus from every curse, from every evil spirit, from the power of sin and inequity. I am redeemed! I belong to Jesus Christ, spirit, soul and body. I renounce now every generational curse, all agreements my family have made with evil spirits, with freemasonry, with sexual sin. I renounce it now. I cancel those curses in Jesus' name. I put the cross of Christ between me and my family line and cancel all curses. I forgive my family for opening the door to these spirits and Lord, every way I've entered into this I ask you to forgive me now. Satan, go from my life NOW in Jesus' name!