Commissioned for Deliverance (2 of 9)

的驱邪工作委托Commissioned for Deliverance (2 of 9)

Fri 13 Sep 2013 AM (Chinese/English) Hsin Tien Covenant Church, Taiwan, Taipei

Practical applications of deliverance. Our authority for deliverance comes from God, but we utterly depend on the Holy Spirit as we pray for others, to: recognise the person’s spiritual condition; know how to approach their need; and to understand the demonic realm, structure and strongholds in their life. First we must deal with the sin that opened the door for the demonic activity, before casting out demons. Our role is also to point people to Jesus, who will deliver them and set them free. We help them to face the truth, bringing acknowledgement, repentance and freedom.
Keywords: Commissioned, Power of God's Kingdom, God’s Order, Authority, Natural order, Government, Holy Spirit, Armour, Breaking Strongholds, Truth, Repentance, Ownership, Humility, Deliverance, Exorcism, cast out demon