Foundations for Freedom (4 of 9)

自由的基础Foundations for Freedom (4 of 9)

Sat 14 Sep 2013 (Chinese/English) Hsin Tien Covenant Church, Taiwan, Taipei

When a person breaks God’s Law they give the devil access into their life. Learn about the type of strongholds and bondages we are likely to face during a deliverance session. Help the person know that Jesus has completely delivered and set them free from all their sins and transgressions, as well as the consequences of these things, at the Cross. To have faith in the victory of the Cross is central to their deliverance and redemption. The person being ministered to is walked through the steps to be taken to be set free!
Keywords: God’s Law, Authority, Power, The Cross, Finished Work, Forgiveness, Blessing, Redeemed, Acknowledge, Align, Confess, Renounce, Release, Disarm