Power Encounter for Deliverance (3 of 9)

經歷釋放的大能Power Encounter for Deliverance (3 of 9)

Fri 13 Sep 2013 PM (Chinese/English) Hsin Tien Covenant Church, Taiwan, Taipei

Demonstrating the practicality's of the deliverance ministry: preparing the people for prayer, and learning how to minister by tapping into the Power of God through the Holy Spirit. Don’t look to yourself and your abilities, but look to Jesus and his power for Deliverance. Learn how to deal with a situation where the person does not receive deliverance, and how to rise up in the Spirit of God, praying strongly as he leads.
Keywords: Encounter, Minister, Living Waters, Truth, Power, Faith, Jesus, Move of God, Open Heart, Strong Praying, Spirit, Life, Ministry