Set Free from Bondages of the Heart (5 of 9)

綑綁中的心靈得釋放Set Free from Bondages of the Heart (5 of 9)

Sat 14 Sep 2013 AM (Chinese/English) Hsin Tien Covenant Church, Taiwan, Taipei

Cover the different entrance ways that allows demons to come into people’s life, and have dominion over them. These things bring control, bondage, sin, ungodly soul ties into peoples lives; causing shame, addictions and oppression. Learn how to bring people to: acknowledge; renounce; forgive. Then we can command the demon behind the affliction to leave in Jesus Name. We also learn that people need to rebuild their spiritual life by strong passionate prayer, and speaking the Word of God over their lives.
Keywords: Acknowledge, Forgiveness, Faith, Ownership, Set Free, Renounce, Doors of Entry, Soul Ties, Sin, Trauma, Release and Build