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Power Of Agreement (6 of 12)

Mike Connell

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Now initially when you reach out to the words of God, they seem strange. They seem weird, because they're not your experience. They're far off, so when God begins to speak into your destiny - I spoke to someone today, and I spoke some words of encouragement, and the moment I did, I could see the heart belief rise up and manifest on the face, and you could feel then their spirit shut down. Why? Because they had believed a lie. When I spoke the truth, it caused a reaction inside. Now what that person needed to do, was abandon the agreement with the lie, embrace the truth, begin to speak the truth, begin to meditate in the truth, until the truth became established in the heart, and then they would experience that being outworked by the spirit of God. So there is a process, recognising where I've come into agreement with a lie, cancelling the power of the lie, speak words to cancel the lie, beginning to meditate and embrace that word of God, embracing until it fits into my heart and it stays in my heart, and that's more real to me that what I feel, what I see, what I'm going through.

It says, having seen the promise afar off, they were persuaded that God was able to do it. In other words, they were persuaded God was faithful, what He said was reliable, so they embraced it. Then it says the confessed, they began to homologeo, speak the same thing as God about themselves and then they began to walk it out in their life, and that's the process of faith. Faith always speaks. Listen, I can be around you a few minutes, I can tell whether you're in a place of faith or not. It doesn't take long. It's going to be on your face, it'll be in your countenance, it'll be in your words, so let me ask you tonight then, what are you in agreement concerning yourself?

Are you in agreement with a demonic lie, so demons are empowered to give expression in your life, or are you in agreement with the words that God has to say about you; you are meditating on them, renewing your mind in them, confessing them, and acting on those words? What are you doing? We're having a season in the church of fasting, fasting off negativity. Now fasting off negativity is much more than trying to stop talking negatively. You see, if I just try and stop talking negatively, it's missing the point. See what's coming out of my mouth is a fruit. You can't just keep plucking off the weeds at the top, you've got to get the roots out. The root is what's underground, and so the words, when you start to fast off negative words, what you're going to find is that those negative words have got a root in your heart, and it's the root in your heart you've got to get out. That word repentance, changing my agreement with it, changing my mind and thoughts towards it, and coming into agreement with God, and abandoning the other, that's what repentance is about.

Jesus said repent, so the benefits, privileges, experiences of the kingdom can be yours, and find expression through you. So what do you believe about yourself? Ask yourself, what do I really believe? What am I saying? What am I living out? Someone was saying today, they were making some kind of comment about the bright shirt, I said yeah, you've got to be secure to be able to wear one like this. Huh? See, why not? I don't care what anyone thinks, I can wear what I like. You understand? You've actually got to have security that's internal, not dependent on what's around you. You've actually got to have the words of God planted and rooted inside you, so our experiences with God lead us to then embrace His truth. As we embrace His truth, and we begin to express it, we begin to have experiences with God. It's like a cycle.

Now I remember one time - I'll finish with this - I remember one time, when I was struggling with some issues, a man of faith, a powerful man in the Holy Ghost, just in a meeting. This is what I remember him saying. He said, if you had an area of your life that was a stronghold or a block for you, affecting everything that was happening in your life, all your relationships, everything you did, would it not be worth it taking that on, until you can break through it, and all the rest of your life would be changed? If it was a week, or two weeks, or three weeks, or six months, wouldn't it be worth breaking through it, so that all the rest of your life would be different? On that basis, I went home and I spent time working on myself, on thoughts I had about myself, until I experienced and encountered the Lord. Before I experienced Him, I had to abandon my agreement with the lie, begin to embrace the truth, meditate in the truth, welcome it like a friend, hugging it, and seeing it, and picturing it, until my heart welcomed it, and the day my heart welcomed it, I felt the demonic realm shift around me, and I encountered the Lord. I've carried what I've encountered everywhere, I've gone in the world. See? What are you in agreement with?