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Power Of Agreement (6 of 12)

Mike Connell

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So as we just began to - so I looked around too in the worship; all these children, you could see tears starting to come down their eyes, and starting to feel the love of God. Well, if God is wanting to love people, then we want to love people too, so we just do with what God's doing. Jesus said, what I see the Father doing, is what I do. It's not really all that hard. It's so easy in fact, even a young kid can actually do that, so they began to experience, began to weep, and so I just began to talk; well what's happening is, as you feel God loving you, you've got to find a way of expressing it, and your body expresses it sometimes by tears. See, these children were just tears flowing down them, as they began to experience and feel the love of God. Its one thing to read God loves me, it's another thing to feel it. When you feel it, then it's an experience that you can keep going back to, and back to, and back to. You can begin to remember what you were doing, what was happening, and as you begin to remember, the feelings of it begin to arise again, and then you can begin to start to encounter the Lord through that same experience again. That's why it's so powerful for us to have experiences with God.

A lot of people write off experiences, and over emphasise just the mind, but actually we have to actually balance up renewing our mind with also experiencing what God has for us, and so we just began to talk, and as I began to prophesy, I began to put words to what God said, then you could see the kids - not just the ones I was praying for, but others began to start to get touched as well, because as they heard speaking encouragement into these ones that I was praying over, then it also stirred in their own heart their own struggles. So when God is beginning to speak, His words seem to bring a life into the atmosphere. It's amazing, so I just said well God, you've got to help me. I don't want us to go away tonight, and all the kids all cry, so anyway we just quietened them all down a little bit and said man, God wants to do different things, different things. See, sometimes we just get locked in God doing one thing, and God's really creative, so He can do lots of things. So we just began to talk to them all, let's see if God can do other things, or do other things in our midst, and I was trying to teach them how to begin to respond when God is doing different things.

So if He's loving us, well let's just open our heart to receive His love, but if He wants to do something different, then stop trying to do that, and don't go back there to that. Begin to hear what God's doing now, and respond to that. See, it's sort of actually not really - it's not rocket science is it? See, not really. You don't have to be smart and go to university to get all that kind of stuff. You've just got to be open in your heart, and responsive and in that sense, like a little child, or just open to what God's doing, and delighted with God. Sometimes we get to lose our delight with God. The Bible says, if we will delight in Him, see? Then He will give us the desires of our heart, so desires and destiny are unlocked as we begin to delight in the Lord - so we just began to talk, and the Lord had been putting a scripture on my heart for probably about the last couple of weeks. It comes out of 1 Peter 1, and it goes something like this; whom not having seen, yet you love. How about that? Not having seen Jesus, we just love Him see, and you rejoice with joy unspeakable, or you rejoice, or you celebrate, or you leap on the inside, you leap with joy unspeakable, and full of glory.

What he's saying is, as we believe, as we put our trust in the Lord, there can be a release of joy in our life. I've been singing that scripture, and praying that scripture, and laughing that scripture every day as I come in and out to work, so I just began talking about it. Next thing you know, they're starting to laugh, well it just broke out, and it just was everywhere. They were just rolling around. In the end we had about 80 of them all down on the ground, all rolling round, absolutely fair screaming with laughter, so we encouraged them to get to pray - we got to pray for all the leaders as well. [Laughs] Ah well, that was great. When we got to pray for all the leaders I said, let's see if we can huff and puff and blow them down [Laughter] and so we got the all in a crowd. We got them all - now you see for adults, adults have got problems with all of this you know. Adults really have got issues with all of this, but the kids don't have any trouble doing it at all. They all stretch their hands out - I don't know where they got all those kids. Man, you had so many adults out there, I don't know where they all come from. There were heaps of them out there, but the power of God just come, and the whole lot went down, they began to roll around laughing, and there was joy, see? Joy, tremendous joy.