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Power Of Agreement (6 of 12)

Mike Connell

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That is God's plan. It's not that you just get born and have a life, but rather through relationship with Him, you shape the world around you. You don't just let it be the way you found it, but you enter it, with a desire to bring dominion. Dominion means not that you're bossing everyone around. Dominion in this sense means that what God has planned or destined, or His will, you are going to bring that into the earth, so the earth becomes shaped by your influence. That's awesome isn't it see? So we see we're made in His image, so we're going to operate like God. So the Bible tells us how God formed the earth. It said the spirit of God was moving, and then God spoke the word. The word was spoken, and when a word was spoken, the spirit of God moved, and things were created. Now we are able to create and shape what's happening around us, by coming into agreement with what God says, and beginning to give voice to it, and live it out in the earth. Now you are giving voice to something. In Proverbs it tells us - Proverbs, Chapter 18, Verse 21 - it says death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those that love it will eat the fruit of it.

In other words, words that we speak have consequences, fruit. Words that you speak and declare have an impact on you, the people around you and on your life, and you're going to eat the fruit of it. So some of you right now are eating the fruit of words that you or someone spoke a long time ago. The Bible tells us in Matthew, Chapter 12 and Verses 33 and 34, it says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so whatever words you've got in your heart, you're going to give voice to them somehow, and it's going to overflow, see? I was sharing the young ones and it's pretty obvious, if there's sadness in your heart it's going to come out on your face, and eventually you'll talk about it. If there's anger in your heart then it's going to come out on your face, your countenance. You know God said to Cain, how come your countenance is cast down, or why are you so angry? Why does your face look so angry? So whatever's in, is going to come out some way, and the first place is on the countenance, second place is through the words, and so whatever's inside us will find expression. Why? Because you're designed to bring expressions of God into the earth, but when we're separated from God, or we let other things fill our heart, they will express in the earth. Pretty simple isn't really?

Now listen. Your words can impart death. They can release something that kills, destroys, robs of vitality in life, or your words can bring a creative aspect that imparts life, lifts up and builds up, both yourself and the people around you. The key thing is this; what words are you in agreement with, in your heart? Whatever you believe in your heart, you'll begin to give utterance to, and it will determine where your life goes. That's why in Proverbs 4:23 it says, guard your heart, or diligently watch over your heart, because out of what's in your heart, are all the rivers or expressions of your life. Now of course sometimes we don't know what's quite in our heart, but if we begin to watch what we're speaking, we will begin to find what our heart has come into agreement with.

If I want to get saved for example, suppose I've been born in this world, I'm not walking with God, I'm just doing my own thing, and trying the best I can, and I begin to hear the gospel, and how Jesus came into this world, how He expressed the life of God, how He confronted sin, confronted demons, and then how He went to the cross. He died to break the power and the penalty of my sins, and God raised Him from the dead. When I hear that message, and I believe it in my heart, and begin to speak it with my mouth, heaven's power, the spirit of God is released into me to change my eternal destiny. Now look at this. I can have an eternal destiny in hell. I can have an eternal destiny in heaven, and what changes that, what turns from one to another is the words I agree with in my heart, and give expression to with my mouth. It is really important what is in your heart and what's in your mouth see, so at the point when a person, in their heart, embraces God's words. God's words give us the true perspective of life. God's words are higher than our words, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so He gives expression to life.