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Mike Connell

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So it was just - the tone was just set. Then last night was just a real great, you know, fear broken off kids lives and one girl in particular was just going for it full time, just had to take her out and just pray for her, had fear totally broken off her life, and other ones just coming into real freedom in themselves. So man, I just want to thank Pastor Mike for being available to come out and honestly, man, the best camp we've ever had. We didn't have to bring anyone in from anywhere in the world, we had him right here so [Applause] it was awesome.

[Pastor Mike] Wonderful! Praise the Lord! What a great job the Kid's Search Team are doing, that they've got children that are open to God right from the very beginning. I love that. Of all the things I've always hungered for more than anything, it's the presence of God. Never take Him for granted. Never, ever take Him for granted. We need to learn how to open our heart, and many adults can't do that. We've got too much control, or too much stuff in the way. Got to learn how to just become like a little child. That's what the Bible says; unless you become as a little child - it doesn't say be a little child, or silly or childish, it says rather become like a little child, which is open and receptive. As we become open and receptive, and just let the walls of our heart come down - I noticed even with one or two children, they had quite strong control and fear built around their life.

But as we decide in our hearts that we're going to actually come near to God, and open up and remove the barriers - a lot of the barriers that adults have are self-consciousness, what will people think of me? Oh, who cares? They're going to think it anyway, so why worry about that? Don't let what someone's thinking determine your destiny. That's a crazy thing. See, we need to be willing to just allow our heart to open up to the Lord and be able to celebrate Him, rejoice in Him. You know David, I love about David he was absolutely unashamed of his expressions before God, to thank Him and rejoice. We had a blast with the young ones. The laughter came [laughs] and it was hilarious.

I was a bit concerned because you know, it's the first night at camp and we've got about 80 kids all crying. I'm thinking I can't go home and leave them all like this [Laughter] and so what happened the first night - mum, get me home, you know? Because often when children don't understand why their crying, don't understand what's happening to them, and so we just needed to get them just to move from one experience of God into another. I didn't want to leave them all crying there, and a lot of them didn't understand. I just talked to them; now what's in us, will always find a way out. It'll always find a way. It comes out on our face, we see it on the face, it comes out through the words we speak, comes out in what we do, but somehow, what's in us, will always come out. So we were just talking to them about how, as we make room for God to come in, so we make room for the spirit of God, then things will come out of our life. Things will naturally come out of our life.

We talked about what happens, and tears are just a language. They're a form of expressing something that's going on inside, and so a lot of children were crying, didn't even know why they're crying initially. It just took probably a couple of sessions to help them connect what they're feeling, with actually God doing something, because we were sharing with them, you can't see God, but you can actually feel and experience, and see what He's doing, or what He's done, so you've got to keep your eye out for what He's doing, not just get caught up in all the experiences. You can't see the Holy Spirit, but we can with the eye of faith, begin to understand what He's doing, and position ourselves to co-operate with that, so in flowing in a meeting, actually - and I appreciate Steve's words of honour, but it's actually not really that hard. It's actually just feeling what God is doing, and just saying yes, I'll work with your agenda, rather than have my own plan, and stick with my own plan.