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Power Of Agreement (6 of 12)

Mike Connell

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Think about that. Death is a spirit. It's a spiritual power. It causes people to become lonely, isolated, numbed in their emotions, and feeling separated all the time from people around them. Hell is a power, which torments people with fears and insecurities, and all kinds of stressful things, but they are demonic spirits, and so when I agree with a lie, when I believe what the devil says to me, I then empower a demon to come into my life, and begin to operate in my life, and express and magnify and develop that lie, until it becomes a major aspect of my life. Many people say I'm a failure, and you say why am I a failure? Why do you say I'm a failure? Well, because look at all my life, all the stuff that happened. Then you go back, and you find out that years ago they came into agreement with a lie, then it began to find it's expression through their life, through their words, their attitudes and everything they did. That's why the Bible says, after we've come to Christ we must continually present our life, every part of us, our thoughts, our imagining, our heart and be renewed in our thinking, so we might outwork in our life, God's will for us.

So I can come into agreement with demons, and then they are empowered to express themselves through my life. You get some people, they embrace the lies of self pity. They embrace the lies of rejection. Rejection is a feeling, a very painful feeling. Rejection is an experience we have. Rejection is a spirit that comes against us. Rejection is also a lie that I can believe, so if I have an experience where I'm rejected, and the devil sows a lie in, and I agree with the lie, I now empower the demon to enter and begin to work this out through me. I will begin to express it in many different kinds of ways through my life, because my mandate and your mandate is to express God's dominion, the kingdom of God in the earth, but to express that, I have to agree with Him. When I agree with the words of God, the spirit of God is able to find an expression through my life, but if I agree with the words of a demon, then the demon can find it's expression through my life. They know that. That's why they work that way.

They sow thoughts and doubts sometimes, your mind can be so filled with pressure, thoughts, when you come into agreement with it, then it's empowered. So we have to learn how to break agreements in our heart with demons. If you've agreed in your heart, and believed a lie, I'm a failure, I'll never be good enough - you know that was a lie I was in agreement for many, many, many years. It didn't seem that no matter what I did, it was ever good enough, and that's part of being in a situation where someone's a perfectionist, so no matter what you do, it's never quite good enough. There's always something else you need to do, so after a while I got to believe nothing I do is ever good enough. What I was looking for was approval. What was coming was criticism and fault-finding, and in my heart I began to believe the lie, well I will never be good enough. Nothing I do will ever be good enough, and that had dramatic effects on me all my life, until I got to grips with it. It wasn't that long ago either, not as long as you think - until I actually realised that I had come into agreement with a demonic lie, and I had to break and cancel that agreement with the lie, repent of it. I had to release forgiveness where words had been spoken to me. I had to cancel the agreement with the lie, and begin to embrace the truth, meditate in the truth, and begin to give confession and expression to the truth; I am good enough, because Christ has made me accepted, see?

Now you know the scripture but listen, knowing the scripture is one thing. Having the scripture living in your heart, and you're in agreement with, it's another, and you see we have to be in agreement with what God says. In Hebrews 11 the men of faith - I think Verse 32 or something like that, it says something like this; about the men of faith it says, who saw the promises of God are far off, so the first thing when you see, the word of God is, it feels like it's a far off, or removed from your experience. But then it says, they were persuaded that what God said, He was able to do, and they embraced what God said, so you notice - embracing means like reaching out and putting your arms around the words of God, because they bring life to you, holding them into your heart.