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Mike Connell

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In all seriousness, on the Friday night we had the Worship Team come out and they also came out on the Saturday night. It was just such a privilege to have just this awesome Worship Team out there, leading the kids [Applause] into the presence of God and man, I just want to really honour Pastor Kate and also Andy who just sacrificed their time. They brought out their core team - they said man, we're bringing out the best of the best, and so they all came out. Man, they just went hard. They just rocked on and I tell you, that really set the platform for what happened over the weekend. I mean CDs are great but there's nothing like a live band, you know, just bringing the anointing, and kids just getting smashed. So they just flowed into worship and honestly man, they got nailed. We just flowed into worship, then I got up and just picked it up and just spoke about God's love. Then I opened my eyes and all I could see was just kids everywhere, just with their hands raised, and these seven year olds to about 12, hands raised, just tears just flowing down their faces, because they were encountering the love of God.

You know some of these kids come from homes that are broken. Some of these kids haven't experienced love from in the natural, but man on that night, the very first night, they encountered nothing but the love of God and it was once they encountered the love of God, man it just - honestly, I had to hold back the tears and keep it together, just because - well, you know ... Really? [Laughs] And so - easy - so it was just - alright, there was a tear that came down. [Applause] Yes - so that was awesome, then we handed over to Pastor Mike and man, he just got up there and he just flowed. One thing I love about Pastor Mike, is that he will flow with what the spirit of God is doing, whereas you see some of the other ministers, they'll come in, and then they'll just get into a message. He just picked it up from there, and he pulled different kids out, just prophesied over them, and just spoke into them.

I was speaking with Pastor Mike before and I said man, did you realise that a couple of the kids you spoke for, did you realise they were these kids and he said not right then, because man the words he was speaking to them that were so sharp, just exactly where their backgrounds or what they were coming out of, and just from kids that had no love, other kids who were struggling at school, and we just ended up having the whole altar just full, full of kids just totally just crying and just being healed and touched with the love of God. It was so powerful. It was so powerful just to see how open they were, and the awesome thing was was that it didn't take a meeting to get the kids warmed up, they were right there, right away, right at the start.

So then we just flowed on from there. At the end of that, you know man, there was just such a laughter of God, and the joy of God there, just about all 80 kids just on the floor just cracking up with the Holy Spirit, and it was so great. It was so funny that come the Saturday night - we also had a Saturday morning meeting, but come the Saturday night the kids were like Pastor Mike, can you do that again? Like it was some great party trick or something. That's what I love about kids, they're just so innocent, just think that's something you do. I was laughing. So then on Sunday morning we had another awesome meeting, and we had kids - just one kid in particular, Reuben Cash, and he had an open vision on that Saturday morning, and you could just see him, he was just standing there looking up with his eyes open. He was just looking up, and we said what are you looking at? He said I can see two angels standing right there, where the front of the hall that we were having the meeting in. I was like what do they look like man? Just clothed in white, you know, just face just shining with a great smile.

How big were they? Like they're huge, you know, bigger than me anyway - and so they were standing there man, and you could just tell the impact that it had on him. Then he turned around to look at the back and he saw another angel standing there, clothed in diamonds. It was just amazing just to see and just to hear him testify about that man. I don't ever see anything like that and man, but to see these kids, they're just hungry. They've got no insecurities, they've got none of this whole thing, I've got to be cool or anything like that. They just let themselves totally go and God comes, God comes. So just over the whole weekend there was encounters like that, even to the point on that Friday night, especially the girls were so impacted by the love of God that they were up talking to the leaders in their dorms just about this, just the circumstances and the situations that they're going through at school, being bullied, being hassled, the hassles that they're having with their parents, which was awesome. It just enabled our leaders just to be able to speak into them, and just pray for them, and you know, as opposed to all the joking around and eating lollies and laughing that can go on at night.