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Power Of Agreement (6 of 12)

Mike Connell

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So my Christian walk begins when I agree with God's words, and I begin to speak God's words, and the Bible says in Hebrews 3:1 Jesus, the high priest of my confession, or what I'm agreeing with with God - that word confession is to speak the same as what God is saying; when I speak the same as what God is saying about sin and salvation, then power is released that changes my destiny, and I've got a totally new destiny. Now that is how we start it, that is how we continue. That is how we walk the walk of faith. My challenge after I've got saved is to begin to discover God's words, and come into agreement in my heart with God's words, embrace them as a friend, meditate on them, let them become in my heart, and begin to speak them out of my mouth, and they begin to release something in my life. I'm amazed how careless people are with their words. You know, the Bible tells us be careful, because you are snared by the words of your mouth. You see, suppose you speak words to act as a guarantor for someone's loan. The Bible says in Proverbs, you're snared by the words of your mouth. Go and cancel that thing quickly or you're in trouble.

Now many a person has given a verbal guarantee, or given a written guarantee, that they would be a surety, or they would back up someone's loan, and then the person defaulted on their loan. They left, and they're snared by their words. Now their words have come back, and they have to pay the price for the careless words that were spoken, so the Bible tells us you've got to be careful with your words, careful with what's coming out of your mouth. It's beginning to shape your world. I listen to some people talk. You know what happens? You hear them, and they're very, very negative, all the time they're negative, and you know that their heart is in agreement not with God. Their heart is in agreement with something else - very, very important. Now listen, you can come into agreement with demons, and not even know it. You can find yourself expressing demonic thoughts, not even realising you are becoming an agent for hell to enter earth. Think about that.

Let me just show you a scripture, and I'll give it to you. I don't want to open it too much, because it's quite a teaching of it's own, but I just want you to see the thing here in Isaiah, Chapter 28. Here it is here and it says in Verse 15 - I want you to see a simple thing here and then we're going to look at just one other thing, and finish up. Okay, it says because you have said, we have made a covenant with death and with hell we're in agreement, when the overflowing scourge, or when judgement comes through, it will not come to us, for we have made lies our refuge and under falsehood have we hid ourselves. Now what they're saying essentially is this, the core of it really just to get it very simple is this; it said that instead of embracing the truth, people found refuge and comfort in a lie. In other words they embraced a lie about their circumstance. Now it's very easy for us to believe lies.

The Bible says the devil is the father of lies, for example, suppose someone when you're very, very young, someone begins to speak over you, you're no good, you're a failure. They can say those words, and the words will hurt, the words sting you. Emotionally, they hurt you and wound you, and they begin to have an effect, but the moment you agree with them, now they have a resting place. You have agreed with a lie. You're not a failure. No one can be a failure. You can have failures, you can't be a failure. A failure is an event, it's something that happens, but I am not a failure. I'm a person made in the image of God. Now I may be separated from God, but I'm still a person in the image of God. I am not a failure, I'll never be a failure. That's not who I am - but if I come into agreement with that lie, if I begin to hold that lie in, and begin to agree in my heart with it, I empower spirits to work and operate, to ensure that lie then is expressed through all of my life. Think about that.