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Power Of Agreement (6 of 12)

Mike Connell

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Let's just close our eyes right now. Father, we thank You that You desire us to express the kingdom of heaven in the earth. We recognise tonight, that often we give expression to other things, to self pity, to doubt, fear, to anger, to hurt, to a victim mentality, to being offended. There's so many things - but tonight Lord, we hear Your voice speaking to us. It's time to sanctify, and set ourselves apart, because of the things You want to do in our life in these coming days. Lord, we ask that You would uncover the lies that we've been in agreement with, so we can cancel their power, and begin to receive Your words into our heart.

Just while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed, perhaps there's some of you, and the lie you're in agreement with is, I'll never be good enough. See, that's something you need to cancel. Maybe there's some of you, the lie you're in agreement with is, I'm a failure, I can never do anything right. Maybe for some of you the lie you're in agreement with is, no one really could love someone like me, I'm unlovable. Maybe the lie you're in agreement with is, no one cares about me, I'm on my own. Maybe the lie you're agreeing with, and starting to agree with is, well it'd be better off for everyone if I died, and was out of here. You know when people come into agreement with these thoughts, they become troubled, become oppressed when demons oppress them. We want to be in agreement with God.

Perhaps there's some of you, and you have doubts about your standing with God; well I'm never good enough for God - then you need to break your agreement with that lie. Christ is your righteousness. If you can trust Him, you can be perfectly right with God, and enjoy Him. Perhaps for some of you, you're overwhelmed with fear; if I open my life to genuine relationship I'll be hurt. That's a lie. It's a part truth. All relationships leave us vulnerable of course, but that's only a part of the truth, because following on that is, I'll never open my heart to anyone, they'll just hurt me - and that is a lie. See, what is it, that the spirit of God is showing you, you're in agreement with? Now if you're not sure then just determine that you're going to begin to fast for a little period of time. You're going to fast, and you're going to ask God to show you, what in my heart have I come into agreement with that's a lie, that stops me fulfilling my potential?

Lord, I want to break that lie right at it's root. How do you break it at it's root? Ask the spirit of God to show you where, and how, it got established; forgive the people involved. Maybe it's a sin, something you've done, and you feel so guilty about it, God could never forgive me. Listen, just break that agreement with the lie. Jesus has already forgiven you, you've just to receive it. Whatever it is, cancel the agreement with the lie, and begin to meditate in and embrace, speak the truth, and begin to start to run your life as a person who has that truth living in them. Meditate in it, imagine what that truth feels like to be forgiven, accept it, love, enjoying the presence - meditate. Hold it into your heart until it becomes an experience for you.

Father, I just thank You right now that You're touching people. Listen, if God has been speaking to you about something you're in agreement with that's a lie, I want to just quickly raise your hand right now, just as a sign to the Lord. I'm not going to ask you to come up and get prayer. God bless, God bless, hands going up all over. God bless, God bless. I don't want you to come up and get prayer. That's not going to solve it completely for you. What is needed is you take responsibility for what you've embraced, and begin to embrace the truth. Say Amen [Amen] Some of you have just come into agreement with these things, you know, they've just changed your life. CANCEL THE AGREEMENTS! I'm a child of God! I'm born by the spirit of God! I'm called, and I have a destiny to influence my community. I have gifts this world needs! I have something to give to the people around me! I'm a child filled with the Holy Ghost, filled with the joy of the Lord! I'm going to express that life! Listen, let the truth get alive. Jesus said you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free! Yes, FREE! Free to be yourself. Free to express the life of God. Free to make a difference! Come on, let's stand, let's give Jesus Christ a wonderful honouring clap tonight. He came to set us free! Come on [Applause]