Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell


Okay, right, just before we just finish our last session, firstly I want to just express appreciation to Horowai, who has set up and organised the sound [applause] and the videos. He doesn't just do the work here, he brings them together afterwards, and tries to make sense of them and clip them and puts headings and tails on it and makes it into something you can get hold of, a DVD later on. So for one hour here, there's about 12 hours goes into getting it all ready, so there's a lot of work goes into that, so really appreciate you Horowai for what you're doing in that area. We trust the resource will all be available for people eventually. [Laughs] I won't put a time - four hours is it? What? [Laughter] [Years!] Four years? [Laughter] I'm going to talk to your wife. [Laughter] I think we can shorten that quite a lot. [Laughter]

We also want to thank Pastor Sargin for setting up all the room, making sure everything was all ready, and arranging all the [applause] things that happen, and for getting something printed off. [Laughs] All the battles he's had to face getting the things printed off and all ready to go, appreciate it very much you made all that happen. You've just made it so I can walk in, and the seminar's all here ready to go. Thank you for everything and getting all that done and for the team that you've had - who have you had working with you with the afternoon teas and... Josie and Jerial, Okay, Dot's gone is she? Okay, well thank you each of those who were named then, want to give them a clap and [applause] just appreciate them, thank you very much.


Okay, now you can see we've only really scratched the surface around all of this area, but you've got enough to get started. You've got enough to get going. If you wait until you learn it all you'll never do anything. Learning is a constant journey of experience, so I would be praying God bring some people into my life that are ready for me to pray for them, in other words they're at the level that I need. Now I've observed over the years, God just brought them into my life and every one that came in, difficult or not difficult, was exactly what I needed to learn some lessons. I just learnt, I just considered the Holy Ghost is the teacher, He wants me to learn. If I'm open, and will respond and serve people He brings into my life, I can learn, and wherever you are you can learn and take another step. You know enough now to even talk about this stuff. You'd be amazed how many people have spirit experiences and don't know what to do with it, so we've tried to focus primarily in this one around deliverance area and touch - because you have to deal with heart issues, we've had to touch into some of the heart issues.

I'm going to get you all just to pray and minister to one another shortly. Before I do I want to just pray - I'm going to minister to Sharon so Sharon, like to come up here? Sharon was sharing an experience with me over the afternoon cup of coffee, so what we'll do is we'll get Sharon to share the experience, and then we'll just pray and see what God will do. We can use her experience in this opportunity to minister, we can use it just as a way of learning together. You happy about that?

[Sharon] Yes, I'm happy.

[Pastor Mike] Okay, you'd like to tell me - you were telling me about something happened when you were young.

[Sharon] When I was very little just before I was born, my dad was driving his truck and he went around a roundabout, and I was intra womb and my mum flew out and landed on her back on the road, because they didn't have seatbelts in those days, and I was born a couple of days later premature. I wouldn't nurse very well because I was tongue tied, and my mum reckoned I screamed until she put me a bottle two weeks later. When we were reading some of the stuff going through one thing this morning, I was looking at the trauma stuff and I just started to cry, and I didn't know why.

[Pastor Mike] Mm-hm, okay.

[Sharon] That'll do?

[Pastor Mike] That'll do, that's plenty. That's enough, that's enough, alright. Bruce, like to come up and just be the catcher? Okay, so I thought that, with Sharon's permission, we'll just pray and ask the Lord to touch her, because clearly this is not a trauma that she had when she was outside the womb. This is actually a trauma within the womb, and yet clearly the signs of something of wrong are there, the fact that she didn't bond, that there was tremendous conflict between her and her mother over the bonding issue, and that of course will have had issues for you all your life. Yeah, and her mother must have got a horrendous shock, in falling out of the vehicle, being that late stage of pregnancy, so there would have been a tremendous shock and fear come into the mother; child would have known about it, and then Sharon will have carried the impact of that all her life. But often we think that's just how I am, and so we don't think well maybe actually something's happened that affected me, so we need the Holy Spirit to come.