Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

The Holy Ghost just brings it all back together, and suddenly they're there, they're in the event and the feelings of fear, everything related to the event starts to come back again. At that point God overrides. Now He never takes away our memories. What He does do is helps us to see a different perspective, so when you're in a shocking event, you see it from a perspective. You just see what you see, like Elijah's servant came out and he saw all of the armies of the Syrians surrounding them, and he says oh, we're overwhelmed, we're overwhelmed, we're overwhelmed, what are we going to do? We're going to be killed. Elijah prayed and said Lord, open his eyes so he can see that there's more for us, than be against us. The Syrian Army wasn't taken away, but God opened his eyes, and he saw the angels and chariots of fire, and so now his perception of it is changed. Now yes, the armies are still there, but now fear and concern about what's going to happen is all taken away, because he's seen from the spiritual realm God's amazing provision, and it's going to be all okay, so he came to a place of rest.

Notice the circumstances haven't changed, the perspective changed. The vision he saw shifted how he interacted with the problem, and that's how God does a lot of healing work. He will return us back to the picture that we had, no matter how frightening it was, and we'll begin to feel the feelings and emotions of it, then He comes into it. The Lord comes into it, and we see it differently. We see it with Jesus there, and usually He speaks something, and what He speaks is a rhema, it's a living word, and this brings healing and restoration and shifts us. Often of course there are emotions come, sometimes there are demonic spirits attached around it, so you notice I started to speak to some of the spirits at one point, but then it was God engaging her, and that's how it is. Now you notice it was not a lot of praying or heavy work, it was actually the work of the Holy Spirit, and just facilitating it. She's quite prophetic, quite visual, so she easily was able to enter into the picture of it, and already we know God was on it, because He was causing feelings stirred in her heart at that time anyway.

So when you go through a course, often God can stir things that you'd forgotten about, because it's your time to deal with it. Then you bring it to Him, and allow Him to come in. Now what people generally or often do is they remain stuck, and they get stuck in trauma, stuck in the grief, stuck in the pain of the situation, and stuck in their reactions, often tormented by spirits, and then they just get stuck there. Then all through their life, anything that reminds them of that, immediately triggers off reactions, until we allow the Lord to help us. Now to allow the Lord to help us we've got to be willing to go into the trauma again, this time not alone, but this time with the Lord. I didn't try and tell what was going to happen, or how it would happen, we just invited the Holy Spirit to come, and let Him do the work, and she just talked to me about what He was doing, so you could all almost feel and see what God was doing.

You notice that when the way Jesus interacted with her, He interacted with her as though she was a little baby still, because her emotions were frozen at the baby stage. That's where the trauma is, so when Jesus was dealing with her, He was dealing with her at the point she had the trauma, at the age she had the trauma. That's why it looks like it's someone just handling a baby, and holding the baby, and the baby's going to be okay, and the reassurance. Why? Because that's where the trauma was, that's where the memory was retained, and so now there'll be a freedom come, and a shift inside her. Okay so how - oh, she's out to it still. How are we doing? Are you with us again or not?

[Sharon] I'm great.

[Pastor Mike] You're great. [Laughter] We'll settle for great. [Laughter] We'll settle for great, so since we're running short on time now, we have a whole section in the notes which helps understand a little bit about that area. The key point - oh there we go, you're back again with us. Whoa a daisy! Hello, hello. Okay, so how are you - anyway, just tell us was there any further experiences with the Lord?

[Sharon] Yeah, He danced with me in His arms.

[Pastor Mike] He danced with you in His arms? How wonderful. What are you feeling inside now about that whole event?

[Sharon] Incredibly light.

[Pastor Mike] Incredibly light. That's one of the things that people say, when they've been set free, is: I feel much lighter, the burden has gone, the demons have gone. Listen, just why don't we give the Lord a clap and just thank Him shall we? [Applause] So when you look into the notes, you'll see in the notes, we just lay out some teaching around it, but you can read all the notes and still not get it. It's better that you have an experience of seeing God just doing something for someone, and then you can see it happening, and there was no big stress. You notice in all of it, we depend on the Holy Spirit. Tell someone we depend on the Holy Spirit. [We depend on the Holy Spirit.] We depend on the Holy Spirit, okay and just always keep remembering,Holy Spirit I depend on You. Keep your accounts short with Him. Now of course, the thing is when you come to minister to someone, the temptation is to depend on yourself. [Laughs] Oh, I've got to do something. No, depend on the Holy Spirit.