Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

Always faith in the Bible always had a dynamic active element to it. They always did something - so then we begin and we start the ministry prayer, so commit our time to the Holy Ghost, ask Him to release His gifts and anointing, and we're ready to go. Holy Ghost, we just welcome You here, we need You, we depend on You. We just invite You to come with power, with revelation, to help us uncover and see the things we need to see. Anoint us so we can minister freedom - quite simple, and not a very hard thing. Then I'll lead the person in prayer. Now you notice each time, I got the person to pray something first of all, so if I was just going through a deliverance process with someone, the prayer I lead you through is the kind of prayer I'd use. It's broken up into these parts, quite easy to remember, first of all acknowledgement of Christ: Father, I come to You in Jesus' name, I confess Jesus Christ is my saviour and Lord. I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ from every curse, every evil spirit, all the power of sin. I belong to Jesus Christ. Now that's far more important than you realise. It's a confession, or profession of your faith. It's a standing up inside and saying: I'm in the kingdom of God, Jesus is my king, I'm into His dominion, I belong to Him. Everything around my life belongs to Him. I believe that what He did is enough to set me free - so it's a statement to the spirit world of where you are.

I have found it many times when I've ministered to people, they manifested right at that point, so it was just at that point the stuff started to come up. So number one, I get them to acknowledge Christ, and acknowledge what He has done. Number two, I get them to speak and just confess - Father, I just ask You to forgive me for this, this and this and this. I just repent of this sin, I ask Your forgiveness, and I receive forgiveness now. A person needs to not only ask for forgiveness, they need to receive. I thank You Lord for Your forgiveness, I receive Your forgiveness, I forgive those who've hurt me - maybe a father or a mother or someone who's hurt them. I release forgiveness to them, and I forgive myself where I've been involved. Sometimes with sexual sin people need to forgive themselves - so number one, the confession of faith; two, their sin issue; three, forgiveness issues, and then four, renouncing. I renounce every generational curse, I renounce agreements I have made, my family have made with evil spirits. I renounce them. I cancel them. I put the cross of Christ between me and the family line - and it's quite helpful to do that. That makes clear statements, if there's any agreements, I'm cancelling them right now. Those words are very important. Demons listen to the words, and they react sometimes angrily.

Then I get them to say now Lord, I call on You to set me free. I resist the devil. Satan, go from my life in Jesus' name. I've just found that helpful. Other people do it different ways. There's no one way, but that's quite an easy way to remember. It keeps in mind the foundations, repentance, release forgiveness, renounce, resist, and reach out to Jesus. Okay, so how when it comes to ministering to the person, what are you going to do? Where do you lay hands? Well, ask the Holy Ghost to show you where to lay hands. You can lay hands around the head like that. You could lay hands on the belly, often demons are around the belly area or around the head area, or maybe just on the back. But if you're going to lay hands on someone, just tell them what you're going to do: I'm just going to lay hands on you as I begin to pray. Ask people, treat people with respect, got to ask their permission. Then the first thing I tend to do, is to break the agreements. I tend to break the areas of where there's agreements, so many times I'm praying for people, there's agreements with freemasonry, there's agreements with idols, there's agreements with dedications. They may have had curses spoken over them, there may be soul ties over their life; in Jesus name, I just break that agreement, I break that soul tie, I break those inner vows. Speak and break things.

As you're breaking it, remember what I talked to you, that as you imagine, you open your inner man to what you're imagining, so I just see in the spirit, I see like there's these cords around them, and I'm just cutting them with the Holy Ghost. I'm cutting them with the sword of the spirit. I'm breaking them as I speak that word, so I sort of see it. This is what I'm doing; I'm doing that, I'm breaking that thing, and so we break those, and it's done very simply. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I just break, I break soul ties, I break them. I break - it doesn't matter if you repeat yourself - I break them, I break them. Now you don't have to speak loud, you'll just lose your voice if you yell out. Demons don't care about loud, what they care about is authority. That's why I was talking to you about putting yourself into your words. You've got to believe that what you say will take place.