Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

How come some people don't get delivered? There's always some, there's some don't get delivered, don't get healed, and the areas fall into two groups; one is problems with the person who's receiving ministry, and the other one is problems with the person ministering. So remember, we're not perfect at all of these things. No one's perfect at all these ministries - we've got to grow into these areas, and if you wait until you're perfect, you'll never do a thing. Some of the difficulties that arise from the person ministering; remember Jesus, the disciples came and said: we couldn't cast that demon out, how come? He said: because of your unbelief, so clearly preparation of the heart of the minister is quite important before you minister. Sometimes it's just lack of experience, you just didn't know what to do, and that's okay. Learn as much as you can from it, ask someone for some input and advice, and learn from there. Sometimes it can be just lack of faith. There just isn't the faith in your heart, and prayer and fasting, Jesus said, is the remedy for that, spending time with God. That's why the period preceding ministry it's quite good to precede it with prayer and fasting, because the person connects with God, and you connect with God. When you come together, everyone's anticipating God working.

Sometimes it's an unresolved legal right or sin issue in the person's life. Sometimes there's just something they didn't tell you, and you've got to ask God to show you what it is that's hindering that process, or ask the person, is the Holy Spirit showing them something, because God can reveal in the process, the issue quite simply. I remember when I was praying with one person here, they suddenly remembered something, it came to their mind. The Holy Spirit can just - it's His job to bring things back to mind. Sometimes, the reason the person doesn't get free, is because the foundations haven't been laid; lack of forgiveness, lack of repentance. Those are the big ones; sins still there, unforgiveness still there, the person doesn't get set free.

Okay then, so the second is the area of the person themselves. Now I have found I guess when dealing with people, the prime reason I've seen people not get set free is they just didn't front up and deal with sin, or they didn't forgive. Those are the big ones. However sometimes the person is quite passive, shut down, and they just come up - okay, I've been to 20 people, now you do your thing. This is not going to get anything from God. There's just a lack of faith and expectation. Sometimes we have not dealt with the foundational issues in their life, and that's why if we haven't dealt with the root system, so sometimes that's why it's there. Sometimes the person's just too passive. They stand there and they're passive. You know what? I can tell when people are hungry and drawing - faith has a draw. Faith draws something from God; passivity, the person's will is not engaged, they're just oh well here we are, just see what happens. Sometimes God will surprise them, but most times nothing happens, because God works where there's faith expectation. Getting the idea? Okay then, so those are some of the reasons.

After deliverance you need to just recognise you will be a bit tired, your body gets a bit sweaty and whatever. You get tired, so have a good shower and have a good meal, have some protein so you replenish. Deliverance takes energy out of your body. Have some good protein, and have some good rest. Your spirit, if you do a lot of deliverance, I've found sometimes I'd get so defiled, I'd pray for so many hundreds of people, I just get sick of it. I just feel dirty and grubby and horrible, and I think I never want to pray for anyone again. It's true, I just feel like that and it's just because your spirit is shocked by the engagement with the unclean, and the violence, and all the stuff that goes with it, the grief, the turmoils that go in deliverance ministry. I've found it's very helpful if you're like that, to just spend time in worship, time with the Lord, rest and refresh - but of all the areas perhaps the one that's the difficult one that people forget is the area of your soul, your emotions.

Now when you get involved in ministering to people, it's not only draining you spiritually and physically, it's actually draining in your emotions, and so I find often after ministry, I'm quite vulnerable and quite drained. I don't really want to talk too much to people, I want to actually recover. Everyone has got to learn how to recover your soul. You know He restores my soul? It's not just deep kinds of issues we've had, it's also just being refreshed in your soul, and I have found that to go near nature, or to go to the sea, deeply refreshes my soul. I can move in the spirit better after a good day's sleep, and a time out in a boat, better than if I spend the whole day in prayer. Now it doesn't sound right does it, but actually, if you understand the flow of the spirit comes through your soul, if your soul is in turmoil, then the flow of the spirit is affected by that, so I have found it's important to properly restore your soul, or you become vulnerable to temptations, vulnerable to oppression. You feel often quite down, and sometimes quite rejected after ministry time. It's quite an unusual experience. Once you've had a time when you've prayed for someone extensively, you'll understand what I mean.