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Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

So it's important get your body to have a good sleep, get some good food inside you, and then restore your soul, get something you enjoy doing - nature, craft, something you just relax doing, for some it may just be sitting in a hot pool, some it may be just do some shopping, whatever it is that restores your soul. I've found movies seldom restore you soul, unless it's comedy. Comedy gets you laughing, and that can restore your soul, but dramatic movies just distract you, but don't restore you, and so often after ministry I find I'm just so out there I may just watch television, but it does not restore my soul. It just helps me come down a bit, so Joy will say what are you watching? I say I don't know. [Laughter] I don't know, just flicking channels I think. I'm just coming out of where I've been, because I've been ministering for too long, and been in that realm for too long. I just find I just need a way. Now everyone's got to learn how to manage their body, soul and spirit.

The last thing I'll touch on there is, what about demonic attack? Do you get attacked by demons? Do we get attacked by demons? Of course! You're in a war, you're attacked by demons whether you like it or not. You're living in a war zone, so doing deliverance am I likely to get a bit more? Yes, of course you get a bit more. So what would it look like? Well, if you're going to get pressure from evil spirits, you'll get it three places, or three different timings; one is before ministry, one is during ministry, and one is after ministry, so how about that. [Laughter] However, it's just because they don't like you doing this. They take offence, that you would dare to invade their ground, so in getting involved in deliverance you're declaring war on demons. Of course they're going to fight back. They're not going to walk way. They're going to push on you to see what you've got, what are you made of. Let's test you out a little bit. Here's the thing: God says you'll never be pressured or tempted beyond what you are able, so there are some things that you need to just aware of, so let me just give you a few of those things. Let's see if I've got them written down. Oh well, I haven't got them written down but that's okay, I can just explain them to you.

So before ministry, this is what often happens before ministry; high levels of agitation, high levels of agitation. So what do I mean by that? Your spirit gets on edge. You get edgy, and you get irritable. How many know that you can have different sensations in your spirit? How many of you have woken up, and you were singing a song? That's a worship sensation. You've been engaging God in your sleep, in your spirit, and now you're in a place of worship, you wake up singing, alright? Okay. How many of you have had a situation where you're on high alert inside, and agitated or slightly anxious, but not sure why? That's spiritual conflict. You're in a war. The fact you're not too sure what it is, or where it is, doesn't mean you aren't in one. It means demons have come near to you, and they're about to push on you, or are pushing on you, and the feeling you have in your sense is to be agitated inside, and on edge, edgy. So whenever we have anything of significance, spiritual things happening in the church, I'll find times when the prophetic is moving, edgy, or get a little - there's a sort of a stir inside, and you're on edge and you don't know why, like something is about to happen, but you've no idea what's about to happen.

You can get a little tense and a bit short with people, so when you get like that you need to be aware you're under spiritual attack, and the remedy is just to pray in tongues, and rest in the Lord. You've got to learn to just speak in the spirit, and rest in the Lord, speak strongly, subdue whatever's there, and rest in the Lord. The other thing that can come up is, you can have this overwhelming sense I don't want to get involved in ministry, why did I ever think I should say yes to that person? I should never have done that. You just don't want to be involved, so all of that is the kind of stuff you can have, and then things go wrong, like for example the last two seminars - I think it went alright this time, you must have got the breakthrough then - but the last two seminars the machines broke down. We run hundreds of things through the machine and nothing goes wrong. You put one of my manuals in, and produces half of it and the rest is blank. Now what is that all about? You can't get it to come right - until Sargin prayed and then it came right.