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Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

So in a way we're beating up the demons. You're speaking the word of God to them, commanding them to go, so just keep it up. Go, go in Jesus' name. Now, expect that as you speak, that God will give you the names of the spirits, and you'll already have an idea because of what you've asked the questions on; spirit of death, spirit of this and that. Listen, be willing to have a go. What if you got it wrong? Don't worry about getting it wrong. You'll probably get more right, than you'll get wrong, just be better to have a turn, and ask the person afterwards how it went. So speak. Now if the demons start to manifest that can be a bit of a problem. When demons manifest, what that means is, what was invisible becomes visible. The demon actually begins to express itself through the person, so - if you just put your hands back on her again, that's right, you've got a hold of her, alright then. So if a demon began to manifest its presence - I've got them all, they're all shaking her there like that, that's it, there you go. Okay, now what would happen is, if you keep your eyes open, you can observe things, so these are what you're observing.

You're looking at the eyes. Now when a demon manifests through the eyes, there's some things you can have happen. One is, they get full of hate. Suddenly you look - ooh! That was a nice lady, what happened, you know? [Laughter] There's somebody else in there! The nice lady went, and suddenly there's something that's got cold hate, like a wild animal. That's the devil. That's an evil spirit, and that's what it looks like - cold and furious, and full of hate, or alternatively, suddenly the eyes fill with tremendous fear, so it can be fear or hate. Those are the most common ones that I see, or sometimes, the eyes will just flick up, and all you can see are the whites of the eyes, the demons trying to hide, does not want to look at you, because remember, you are representing Jesus Christ. Now you may think you're just you, but the demon sees Christ. You are dead, and your life is with Christ in God, so when you stand to minister in His name, and the anointing is on you, the demon just sees a blazing white light.

You read in the Book of Revelation, John saw Jesus, and His eyes were like a flaming fire, so great to pray Lord, I thank You, Your presence is in me, and my eyes like a flaming fire! Why not? They are. I was talking to one person, she said: I can't see you. She's standing there, that close, with her eyes open - she says I can't see you! I can't see you! I said what do you see? She said I see a blazing white light, and I can't see anything else. Isn't that amazing? So, you may think you're just you, but when you're standing in ministry, you're representing Jesus, and the demons see something different. They see Him in you, Christ in you, the hope that His glory will appear. Even if the world hasn't seen it yet, the demons can see it, and they hate it, they're scared of Him. Okay, so sometimes you see it in the eyes.

Alright, the next place to look for it, is in the hands. Now what you'll find happens is that your hands are just relaxed like that, but when the demons start to manifest, you'll see a couple of things that might happen. One is the hands go like a claw shape. When they're like that, that inevitably is witchcraft or some occultic power. It can go quite like a claw, or sometimes you'll find they'll clench up, and you see them closing up, like they're about to just break out in rage and fury - which they are - and you know then, there is hate and anger and rage. It's just all starting to manifest in the person at that time. Don't be frightened of it. You may find that their body starts to stiffen up like that, or you may find something in the mouth. Now what can happen in the mouth is that, sometimes I've seen a tongue go in a - you ever seen those snakes? I've seen exactly that with a human tongue more than once, more than once, and it's manifesting. You know when it's like that you know it's occultic of some kind, it's occultic, so often the way the spirit manifests reveals a little bit about what kind of spirit it is.

Sometimes it'll be like that, or sometimes the person may begin to roar - [roar] like there was a crazy roar - to try and intimidate you or they may scream, or they may threaten you, or they may speak to you. So all kinds of things can happen through the mouth like that. Another thing that they may try to do with their hands, clench up - the person may try and choke themself. It's like the demon's trying to stop the thing happening, trying to - I will kill her. I've heard them say that, I'll kill her. I've also said I'll kill you [laughter] more than once. Now just don't take any notice of what demons say, just persevere, continue. Be quiet in Jesus' name. Continue your work of deliverance. Don't be distracted by any manifestations. Just if need be, command them to be still, and carry on with the job of commanding the demon out. Once a demon manifests, you know you've got it beat already, and so I'll find sometimes they'll be incredibly defiant, and you'll almost be like, I've got it, you're in one another's face just looking at that demon, and then if you will just hold your ground - you have to arise inside, and hold your ground, you'll find suddenly the demon will look like this this way and that way, then they're gone. GO! [Laughs] Got you!