Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

I've just many times, when it comes to that point, you feel like there's two people having done all, you're just standing, and then suddenly it begins to waver and then I'll push a bit harder it's gone, just like that. You've got to see it to actually experience it, the only other way to see it is you've got to experience it, to see some of these things happening. So the person may try and choke themselves so just restrain them, pull their hand away from themselves. I've had them also try and rip their clothes off, which is a bit unfortunate [laughter] and so it helps if you have someone with you, because it's hard to explain what happened. [Laughter] So ministry is best done in pairs, and there's a safety comes if you operate as a team, rather than trying to do it alone because one, you have a joint witness about what happened, and what didn't happen; two, it's safer for the person concerned because there's another person involved; three, you have joint strength, as we're two or three in agreement, there am I in the midst of you, and four, you have the anointing flow increases when you're working together in unity like that.

Of course if you're working in a team, one is praying and interceding and helping and assisting, the other is taking the lead. You can't have two people leading. If you have two people giving instructions, the demon just shuts down, and nothing will happen, so one must lead, the other supports. You can change roles if you need to, but at one time, one person leading. I've found many times, everyone's having a go, and it's just useless. Tell them be quiet all of you, just one person speak, the others just intercede. Getting the idea? So another thing that the person may do, they may begin to shake. Sometimes if a person has an unclean spirit, you may find that they just go like this, like they're trying to shake the demon out. Sometimes the person will just fall over on the ground - gosh, they've dropped to the ground. It does not mean they're delivered. It can mean the demon's just trying to get away from you, so you just go back down on the ground, and you lay hands on the person, continue to pray until you feel the Holy Spirit showing you. Okay? There we go. Well thank you, you've been very helpful. [Laughs] Thank you for the demons, give them a big clap, they did a great job, yeah. [Applause and laughter]

Okay then, so sometimes there are significant resistance, particularly if there's occult. The key thing is, if you can remove the legal grounds, the deliverance proceeds reasonably easily, without too much happening. So those are some of the manifestations that can take place, and I've had people jump, I've had them slither like snakes, I've had all kinds of things happen - had them jump around, had them even try and jump out of a window, so lots of things can happen. I quite actually enjoy it when things happen, great. However some people just speak and shut down, all forms of manifestation whatsoever, and I don't think there's a right way and a wrong way of doing it, but of all the things, preserve people's dignity, preserve people's dignity. Treat people with value, don't get caught up in the power kick of deliverance.

So how could you know if the spirits have gone? What would you do to know the spirits have gone? It isn't always easy to know, but there are several things. First of all, deliverance can be progressive, in other words, you may have more than one session or one time, like peeling layers of an onion off; two, think in terms of groups of spirits, rather than just one spirit, that you're dealing with at one time. There's often a group of them; three, how you can tell if they're gone, there's three ways I know of. One is ask the person, has it gone, and they'll tell you, yeah or no. The second way that you can try is, you feel the release. It's like you're pushing against something, and it suddenly quits on you, it's gone, then you know it's a release. The third way is the Holy Spirit just gives you a witness that the demon is gone. You have a sense inside of peace comes, and that turmoil's all gone.

Now in any situation what I encourage you to do, just keep praying in tongues, put your hand on her head, keep praying in tongues. One of the things I've done sometimes is just look them in the eye, say look at me, look at my eyes. I look in their eyes, and I rise up, and if there's any demons still in there it'll immediately manifest, so I think this comes with experience being able to work that out. Now it isn't always easy to tell the difference between an evil spirit, and emotional pain. It's not always easy to see which is which. All I can say is they look a little similar, however when it's demonic, it's got an ugly edge on it. It just looks something not right, it looks something really out of sorts, and it will yield if you speak to it. If a person's just manifesting emotions, and their grief and anger or rage or whatever, then it's an emotional expression. It doesn't yield to commands. It yields to the person's will, so if someone gets very emotional, or gets very upset, just calm the person down, deal with the roots again, some of the heart issues, and deliverance should be quite easy to do.