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Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

Now I don't know all the damage that's been done, I don't know all that's been done but the Holy Spirit does. He brings things back to memory, and you notice that Sharon had no conscious recollection of this event - I've never heard her talk about it in all the years I've known you - and yet in looking at the materials, suddenly it came up, and she felt tears. That means God is speaking to her, tears are the language of the heart, so she felt the tears, and she was honest enough to share it with me. So what we'll do is we'll just ask the Holy Spirit to come, and just help with the situation and it's a great opportunity for us all to learn. Can I just take your hand? Thank you. Just close your eyes now. Holy Spirit, we really need You. We're aware that there's been a great shock and a trauma take place in Sharon's life, right back there at this point of an accident Lord, where her mother just came out of the car and fell on the ground. Lord, we don't know all that's happened but we're asking You to come Holy Spirit and to come upon her now, right to that point of trauma and to begin to start to touch her life, make Jesus very real to her. Lord, we just ask You and invite You to come right now, Holy Spirit come. [Prays in tongues]

Now just allow yourself to enter it, it doesn't matter if there's tears, let the tears come, let the tears come. What's happening? Can you tell us what's happening?

[Sharon] I feel scared.

[Pastor Mike] You feel very scared, so there's a spirit of fear has come into your life at that point. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I break all soul ties to that trauma, I break them, I break them, I break them. I command that the fear of death, spirit of fear, I command you right now come out of her, out of her now! Come out now, out now, out, OUT in Jesus' name. Release her in Jesus' name right now. That's right, out, out, out. Fear, tormenting spirits of fear, come out now in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. We speak to every spirit that used that opportunity of trauma to enter your life, I speak to each of you now, I bind your operation in her life, and I command you to let her go and release her now in Jesus' name. Let her go. I break every lie it's not safe. I break every lie it's not safe for me. I break it over your life right now in Jesus' name. Now Holy Spirit, just come, come and bring healing and restoration into her life. Come Holy Spirit, come into that situation.

Just keep looking for the Lord, see what He's doing now. What are you becoming aware of? What are you seeing?

[Sharon] Jesus is reaching His hand out to me.

[Pastor Mike] Where are you?

[Sharon] I don't know.

[Pastor Mike] You don't know, but Jesus is reaching out to you?

[Sharon] I'm trying to get to Him.

[Pastor Mike] You're trying to get to Him. Why don't you just let Him get to you? Just let Him come to you, let Him come to you. [Pauses] What's He saying to you?

[Sharon] He's holding me.

[Pastor Mike] He's holding you, He's holding you in His arms.

[Sharon] I'm just a little baby.

[Pastor Mike] You're just a little baby, He's holding you in His arms, so what are you feeling?

[Sharon] It's safe.

[Pastor Mike] It's safe.

[Sharon] Secure.

[Pastor Mike] And secure.

[Sharon] And protected.

[Pastor Mike] You're protected. Enjoy that feeling.

[Sharon] It's just too beautiful

[Pastor Mike] Thank You Lord. Now just listen for Him to speak to you. [Pauses] Thank You Holy Ghost. [Pauses]

[Sharon] He said it's going to be okay.

[Pastor Mike] It's going to be okay, that's what He's saying to you.

[Sharon] It's fine.

[Pastor Mike] It's fine.

[Sharon] And I'm going to sing you a lullaby.

[Pastor Mike] He's going to sing to you, going to sing to you a lullaby. Isn't it interesting, He's interacting with you like you're a child? Thank You Lord. Just let Him minister to you, let Him minister, here it is, oh Holy Ghost just come, more and more and more and more in Jesus' name. It's alright, there we go. Isn't it interesting? Very powerful. How many could feel the presence of God starting to come and engage? So whenever we have a traumatic experience, it's retained within our soul and experiences which we have, we remember the experience, we have the memory, we have the feelings, we remember the feelings. Notice she had feelings of fear? We remember how we reacted, and we also remember what kind of response we make, so all of those things are recorded in our memory. The more powerful the memory is, the more powerful the event is, the greater the impression it makes on a person's life, so when it's a major trauma it makes a deep impression, and often the soul becomes shattered, and parts of the memory go all over, so the person - I don't remember a thing.