Casting out of Spirits (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

So what we're going to do now as we finish up, it will be great to get you just to pray and to minister to one another, and I suggest you get in pairs. Just why don't you share something you'd like the person to pray into, or to pray for you for, it can be any area, anything you'd like, whatever - you may feel that God has just opened up something you'd like prayer for. Why don't you just invite the person to just pray for you in that area, and if someone asks you to pray in that area, just do what you can and depend on... [The Holy Spirit.] ...the Holy Spirit, right, okay. Depend on the Holy Spirit, and just be responsive to things He puts into your mind to do. So here's what, we'll get into pairs and we'll just pray in tongues together, and each of you share one area you'd like the other person to pray for. Then you minister to them whatever you feel comfortable at the level you're able to do. Maybe you just bring some encouragement, maybe you feel like you can pray for the Holy Spirit to touch them, maybe you feel there's something that needs to be broken. Just have a go. We're going to practice, okay? If we don't do something, we'll never know what we can do, will we, so we've got to step out somewhere.

Remember, in all of it we must depend on... [The Holy Spirit.] ... the Holy Spirit, exactly, so why don't you get up and depend on the Holy Spirit, a great chance to do that.