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The other is a seductive fantasy, and the Bible says: in the last days there will be seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, all kinds of things like that. When good is called evil, and evil is called good, something's really wrong. When millions of girls are obsessed - here's the fruit of it. People become obsessed. I'm not even going to ask who's got the pictures up. We won't go there, but you need to ask, if you're obsessed, if you've got a problem with obsession, you need to deal with it. If you've got a problem with romantic idolatry, you need to face this thing and put it right.

Why don't we just close our eyes right now shall we? If you've got children, and children want to read the books, you've got to decide what you do in your own home. I wouldn't want those books in my home if my kids were young, but if you've got a child in their teens, early teens, then you need to sit and talk with them about it, and then if they still are going to read it you've got to decide what standard you have in your home, and what you allow them to read and not read, and what areas you'll go. But if you're going to say don't read it, talk to them about the whys. Talk to them about keeping themselves for God, about being a special generation, about learning godly values, about how to build success in relationships, and how these things are seductive and they lead you away from truth, they lead you away from wholeness. They lead you away from Jesus Christ, who knows how to help you succeed in life.

If they're going to read the book I suggest you say well, I'm going to read the chapter with you, we're going to have a bit of a talk afterwards and going to interact over the ideas, we're going to look at what this says, and what the Bible's like. They say oh, you're being so boring! No, no, no, I'm trying to engage with you to protect you from something that will open the door to the demonic for you. Let's close our eyes right now. Father, we just thank You. Lord, we thank You we live in a great hour and a great day, when Lord we're able to access heaven in an unprecedented way, see Your miracles, see Your presence, see Your power, see things happen. Father, tonight we thank You, that we're alive in such a day. I thank You for this generation that's alive in such a day, what a day to be serving Jesus Christ. Oh, we've dreamed of it all our lives and here it is, the dawning of a new day. Lord, we see the up rise of so many other things as well, that are seeking to capture the hearts of a generation, and Lord, we want this generation of our young people, and our Lord our older people, we want everyone to arise and fulfil their call. So today Lord, I ask that You'll help people, help individuals in here who are struggling.

I want you just with your eyes closed right now, I want to ask you just a few questions. Firstly, for those who read that book - there'll be some who read it, some who don't. When I shared about this, has it opened your eyes to the reality of the occult in it? Have you found a fascination with this thing, and you find you're drawn in and obsessed with it, and can't get it out of your mind? Listen, I've just done this study for this meeting, and I've had all I can stand of it. I just want to go home and just read the word of God and wash my mind, get the thing out of my mind and just have it on tape. It's a defiling thing. It is defiling. If you find that thing you've got it in your mind, you've got it in your emotions, why don't you say tonight, I just want to get it out. I feel God speaking to me about letting go of something that just sabotages my relationship with God. I really want to be close to God, I don't want to be close to demons. I want to be close to God. I really don't want to continue with this thing. I'm glad that I've got the truth tonight. Even though I don't like the truth, I'm going to respond to what God is saying. Don't compromise your relationship. You know you can't feast off the table of the spirit of God, and the table of idols and demons, you just can't do it, so when you get involved in this stuff, it affects you and you don't even know it.