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So if you're an addict and you love these stories, you may not be happy with everything I have to say today. You may not be happy at all [laughs] so there's four books; the first one's called Twilight, the second one New Moon, the third one's Eclipse, the fourth one is Breaking Dawn. There's a reason it's so popular. They follow a sequence of ideas right through from this young girl meeting this vampire. He actually looks like he's 17 years old or 18 years old, or something like that. Actually the reality is he's over 100 years old, and I'm going to show you what that's all about just shortly. There are things in this story you have no idea, of course it's, you know, girls love it. They read the story - how many guys have read the book by the way? Yeah, right - guys, how many guys have read it? Yeah, like I thought, no one. [Laughter] How many guys have seen the movie? Yeah, well that's - okay, two of us. [Laughter] Good on you, there's three guys saw the movie. Good on you. I wanted to see it, to know what it was on. I watched it on a plane, otherwise I can't talk about something I haven't seen. You've got to know what it's about.

So what is it about? Well it's actually a Gothic or dark romance. The whole thing's really about the story of a love relationship between - and it involves vampires and werewolves. You think how could anyone get involved in that? You know what? When I first saw the picture of it, you know what I thought? I don't like you! When I saw the next one come out, and it had the other guy on it, Jacob, I thought I don't like you either! They had these advertising brochures up everywhere, and every time I'd see one: I don't like you. I'm thinking I wonder why I've got such a reaction inside, I actually don't like you. I'd see this, and the stuff was up in the bookshops, its up in the movies, anywhere. You can't go anywhere without this blimmin' picture of this eclipse, and Edward and Bella looking out of her tree [laughter] and this other guy, Jacob with his shirt off and all the abs and so on - and there it is. I looked, I thought: I don't like you!

Every time I go past one, I thought I don't like you! Then I thought man, this is a phenomena and I don't like it, I wonder why? It's because I'm older, must be because I'm older, and I don't have abs like that. [Laughter] Maybe it's something like that you know, kind of think that sort of thing, and I thought about it for a while and I realised actually, there's something in me is reacting, and reacting strongly. Every time I go past a poster, I'd look at it - I don't like you. I had no intentions seeing the movie. I saw it on a plane. I thought it was a chance to see the thing quietly, I might as well find out what this is up to, so at least I've got some information. But I realise now that there was a spirit reaction in me to the whole story, and I think anyone who has any spiritual discernment of any kind, on looking at it at first glance, would automatically have the alarm bells go off at the thought of vampires and werewolves, and that's it, they switch off.

Now if you have spiritual discernment like that well great, because you know exactly what to be involved with, and what not to be involved with. But we live in a generation where this has become a culture phenomenon, and if you're going to be relevant to a generation you've got to know what's going on, and then how to address it. What is it that's causing the pull? We shared with you about the Harry Potter stories. I shared with you when they came out, what is the pull that's involved in there? The pull is a pull to the occult. It's a fascinating draw into the occult, so this thing is really very, very popular. So the heroine Bella Swan lives with her father, marriage has broken up, so she lives with her father in a small place in Forks, Washington. She meets and falls in love with this guy Edward Cullen and he's a sort of a sombre, moody, broody - oh I don't like him, I so don't like him. He's moody, broody and he has a cold dark secret, he's a vampire, over 100 years old. You think God, how could anyone, any of these girls fall in love with this? They do, believe me. They fall in love - and there's a reason.