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The second thing about it is, the story itself is a highly emotionally - it's written to appeal to emotions, and it's written with young women in mind, to appeal to their emotional side of their being, and to portray some images about relationships. The problem is, the relationships that are represented there, between Bella and Edward, is totally, totally, totally dysfunctional. Any girl who I heard was getting into a relationship with any guy like him - even if he's not a werewolf or a vampire [laughter] - I would come with alarm to them, and tell them you are about to wreck your life. You have no idea what you're about to get into. I'll explain that in just a moment. Now of course those of you who loved it, and are wrapped into it are getting angry at the moment. Don't worry about it, just stay open will you?

First of all I want to look at the influence of the occult in the books. Now the word occult means covered, or secret, or hidden. It's because anything that's involving the occult involves the spirit world, but the nature of it is hidden, so the occult has to do with the hidden spirit world's supernatural power, supernatural information and so on. So the Bible warns us, in so many different places - Deuteronomy 18:9, when God's people are coming out of Egypt and going into the Promised Land, one of the major warnings they were given was: don't get involved in the occult. If you get involved in the occult, you'll be defiled, you'll become demonised. You will fail to enter into the Promised Land. When they said also about going into the Promised Land, when you go in the Promised Land, they're involved in the occult, clean it up, get rid of everything, leave nothing there, get rid of everything involved with the occult. Why? Because when you get involved with the occult, you are drawn into relationships with demonic spirits.

Now most of the time, demonic spirits don't come to you and say: can we have a relationship? They come to you in a subtle way, that you are not aware of. That's the nature of deception. Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light, so I would describe Edward in this story as an angel of light, classic, straight out of Corinthians, demonic spirit masquerading as an angel of light. You'll see he presents himself as being extremely attractive and seductive, powerful and strong and mysterious. He relates in a way that stirs the emotions in Bella, until she just wants to give herself over to him - but actually, the core of his nature, is demonic. Think about it. A love relationship between a girl and a demon? That's what this is about. That's what this is about. It's a love relationship between a young girl and a demon.

So in Acts, Chapter 19, when the church had revival, one of the things they did was they totally got rid of everything associated with the occult. They got rid of their books, they got rid of - in Verse 18 through to 20 - they got rid of $50,000 worth of stuff they had involved with the occult. Why did they do that? Because the move of God's spirit would be hindered by attachments to the occult, so they had a clean out, and everyone who'd been involved in the occult, everyone who'd been involved with any kind of spiritism, they came forward, they confessed what they'd done, burnt their books, burnt their tarot cards, burnt their Ouija boards, burnt the whole deal - burnt it, and there was about $50,000 pieces of silver, which is millions of dollars worth of occult materials. That's what revival looks like. You clean up your act and you get rid of the stuff you've got hidden in the cupboard. You get rid of the secret stuff, and you come clean with God, and you walk in the light.

I can guarantee if you're addicted to Twilight, you are not walking in the light, and you've got some troubles - guarantee it. I'm just waiting to get my hands on someone to pray for someone and see what manifests. So throughout the Bible, there are continual conflicts between the power of God and the people of God and sorcerers, so for example Moses, Elijah, Paul, all of them had these kinds of issues and involvements. Now let's have a look at Twilight. Where does the demonic come in? Well actually far more than you realise. You just can't imagine. I read on the internet, I've been searching around getting as much as I could find, got heaps of stuff. Here's the first thing. The first thing is, its demonic origin. The first thing is that the novels were inspired by a dream that Stephenie Meyer got in 2003. She had this dream - note this; she got two dreams. The first dream, she saw two people, and they were standing in a meadow. I'll explain - you'll see the significance of all these things shortly as I pull it all together.