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So they're part of a family of vampires, who's origin goes right back to the 1600s. Now I'll connect all this information just shortly, and I'll show you what lies behind it - so the origin of the family with the senior father Cullen and it's like a family, and the family are all loyal to one another. Anyone who comes against family comes against them all. They all stand together, they're all one family, they come from one father, and this father decided that they would not eat human blood, they would drink the blood of animals. So the whole family has tried to stay true to the father's teaching. Now you're going to see this when you discover the roots of it, that there's far more in the story than is apparent. So this family has lived over these hundreds of years, and they're quite a close community until this girl falls in love with the guy Edward. So the drama goes on, and there's a romance going between the two, but there's some extremely disturbing things in it.

He is presented very powerfully as strong, fast, got supernatural power, supernatural abilities. He's caring. He's tender, he honours her, he doesn't have sex with her. There's a whole range of things about him, which make him sort of a kind of a guy that you think well, where would you find anyone like him - apart from the fact he's a vampire. She sort of has very little going for her in many ways, in that she's quite ordinary, she's a very insecure girl, and she gets totally wrapped up in this relationship with this guy. That's the basic core of the story. So this particular family are the goodies, and there's another group of vampires which are baddies, and they want to kill Bella, so it's a fight between the goodies and the baddies, and the goodies win - that's the story, something like that.

Of course each story that goes on adds a bit more in. The next story, you get a young guy Jacob turns up, and he's a werewolf, and she's caught in the eternal triangle - which is the better person, the vampire or the werewolf? That's kind of the story of it. Now what I want to do is to go into what's really behind it. Is it just a harmless story? Is it just a love story? Is it just sort of some kind of thing that happens to be a buck maker, or is there more to it? Many people encourage people to read it, because they say it's essentially a teen romance, whos theme is having no sex before marriage. So some people say really good book because young people get the message about not having sex before marriage, but actually there's far more to it than that.

When you read a book, like when you watch a television program, this is what happens; you go into a realm of imagination. When I was growing up I was extremely dysfunctional and disconnected, and the way I coped with the emotional need in my life was to read fantasy books, and to go and live in a fantasy world, and disconnect from real relationships. So books that have fantasy stories stimulate your imagination, and take you into an imaginary world. When you go and read a book or watch a TV program, you actually enter into the whole story, you go into the imagination of the author. So for example you watch a TV program, you are watching some author's imagination, and you're seeing it in a visual form. You can actually go into the story, and live in the story, in a way you could never do in real life, like you're peeping on everything they do. It's just kind of unnatural to be that close.

When you read a love story or a romance like this, your imagination then goes with you, and depending on how clever the writer is, right into the story, into the characters to begin to connect with them. Now here's the reason why - we'll get into it in a moment - there's some problems in it. There are two primary areas of problems. When you read the book, it begins to shape - now remember it's not just one, there's four - it begins to form pictures and images about how relationships ought to work. In other words, you come out of it with views about relationships, and so the two places that this has got major problems is this; the first one, it is rooted in the occult and steeped with the demonic, filled with the demonic. Right from one end to the other you are into an occult world, and it's filled with demonic and supernatural power. That's the first problem, and we'll show you, I'm going to explain to you some things about that in a moment.