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They were standing in a meadow, and there was this young ordinary, average girl, and there was this fantastic sparkly vampire, and they were discussing a difficulty they had; one, they were in love with one another, and two, he's attracted to the scent of her blood and wants to kill her. That's the dream she had, and from that dream, she began to formulate the books, so the books were inspired by a dream. Now she wrote about this guy Edward. Later on she had a second dream. In the second dream, Edward came and spoke to her, and terrified her, and this is what he said. He spoke to her in a dream and he said, she'd got it all wrong. He really did exist, and he couldn't live off the blood of animals, had to live off the blood of people. How about that? She was terrified, because the Edward that appeared in the dream was not the one she'd been writing around, but the source was demonic.

So the source of it is demonic. It's not surprising the book is full of it. You're going to see a few more things in just moment. I'll quickly go through these things. If the roots are demonic then you can absolutely be certain the fruit will be something similar. You can't dabble with the occult, and with the demonic, and not become defiled and affected, you just can't do it. So here it is. The first thing is, the books are filled with the occult, so I'm going to go through and I'll list you just some of the occult things that are in the book. First thing, the vampires. Notice they've got supernatural powers; they've got supernatural speed; supernatural strength. They can read people's minds; they can control people's feelings; they can see at great distances - so those are all in the books, all in the stories. It's actually all in the movie. You can see them knowing all these things, seeing all these things and whatever. That is all occult. It's strictly from the occult. It has to do with divination and sorcery, and the occult is a realm of darkness.

Second thing that's in there are werewolves. Werewolves are people that can change shape. They change shape from a person into an animal, and that animal destroys people and kills people, whereas vampires suck their blood out. We'll get to that in just a moment - but the werewolves are different. The werewolves tear people apart. Are they real? Oh yes. There are people who can change shape. They are involved in the occult, and they're well known, not so much in the west, but in countries which are very open to the occult, it's not infrequent that people have to deal with sorcerers who can change their form, and turn into an animal at will, turn into a serpent or a python, turn into a wolf, or in one case in a revival recently in Fiji, there were a whole group of sorcerers turned themselves into bats, and came and sat up and made a noise and interrupted one of the meetings this guy was preaching at. But he preached the gospel anyway. Later on all these guys came and repented of their sins. They said we heard your message, and he said where did you hear it? He said we came and visited you.

Now I won't go into too much detail around that. I don't want you to be fascinated with it. It's no surprise that these things can happen, but it's people highly into the occult. Now it's dramatised, so the guy looks really handsome and very attractive. Make no mistake the root is evil, absolutely and completely, but it's presented in a beautiful form that a young teenage girl could fall in love with very easily. So you've got a whole following for this guy Jacob, who's a muscly, handsome, good looking guy. I don't like him! Actually happened - turns out he's a werewolf, and so he can bite you too. Notice that also associated with it is the drinking of blood. Drinking of blood is closely connected all over the world with the occult, so when people are involved in the occult, blood sacrifices, blood letting, blood drinking are part of that.

It's so much a problem that in Leviticus 19:26 God forbade the drinking of blood, and believe it, in the New Testament Church, Acts 15, they also forbade the taking of blood, so what was in the Old, was also forbidden in the New. Not many laws we got to keep in the New, but one of them is don't drink blood, don't drink blood - and yet the picture portrayed there in the movie, now I'll get to another thing in a moment - the picture in the movie is that, if he is to drink her blood he'll put a venom in her, and she will turn, and she will die to her humanity, and become like him, living forever. Don't tell me there aren't spiritual pictures in that, that are very, very powerful - so drinking of blood.