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Listen, tonight if you find that there's a fascination, obsession with these books, perhaps you are fantasising about relationships as a result of it, why don't you tonight come up and say: I need some help, I really want to get free. If you find that you're fantasising, and having dreams, and thinking about this thing, and it's got a hold of you, then you need prayer to help you break out of that. You've got to make a decision - I'm not going to be attached, I'd had no idea this thing was hooking into me like that. You've got a need, and it's a valid need, but it won't be met that way. That becomes addictive, it becomes fantasy, it becomes idolatry, and it brings you into bondage. Why don't you come up tonight and say: I want to be free of this thing, I don't want that stuff in my mind and emotions. If you know you're spending time daydreaming and fantasising about romances and stuff, it's taken you where you don't want to go. Listen, don't fantasise about some romance, and some kind of thing from a book. Begin to read the Bible, find out what God says about relationships, and grow up as a believer. This is just sapping your energy at a time you really need to be focussed.

Perhaps there's others, and you're troubled, you've been reading this stuff, and you've got trouble in your mind with spirits. You may have been into blood covenants, blood cutting, or any things like that. If you've been into that, or made agreements, or spoken words of making agreements, or you know, even saying words of being in love with this guy, people do all kinds of crazy stuff when they've got their emotions stirred, but the devils listen to it, and they lock you in on it, and these things begin to come through an open door in your life. Why don't you say tonight: Jesus, I want to be cleaned up, I want to be free, I don't want this stuff around my life? Perhaps there's others of you, and you've been involved in other kinds of areas; there may be guys here and you're struggling with images in your mind, and you're glad tonight I've been talking to the girls, but really you've got your own struggle in your own life, and you say man, I've got images that just burn in my brain, I can't seem to get them out. Listen, you can just have those things broken off your life very simply, break the soul ties attaching you to them. You've got to just repent of that thing.

See, these things are all fantasy, escape, they bring you into the world of imagination, and then into the world of the spirit. God wants your imagination, men and women free, so His spirit can bring prophetic dreams and creative ideas. You've got to have your mind and imagination clean and clear. It's the gateway, the doorway into the spirit world. If anyone wants to access the spirit world, they focus their mind and imagination, and it opens a gateway. Listen, this is a gateway for the spirit, but you want the right spirit to come. You want to set your mind and imagination aside for the Lord. Perhaps there's some of you tonight, and you're struggling in relationships of different kinds. Perhaps you're struggling with grief or depression, or feeling a bit suicidal, or down inside. It'd be a great night to come forward and say God, I want to become whole, I want to be restored. Just while the musicians are playing people, I know God's been speaking to you, why don't you just come tonight, just come and stand in front of me and lift your hands and say: Jesus, I want my life to be clean for You. I want to be in love with You and passionate for You. Man, You're my Edward, You're my man. Man, You're supernatural, You're strong, You're wise, You're smart, You're beautiful. You're eternal, and if I will drink from You I will live forever, and that's the real thing. He's the real deal this Jesus Christ. Man, this Edward's a counterfeit, he's a substitute. He'll bite you and console you, confine you to cold death. Tonight Jesus Christ offers you life.