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At a predetermined signal they turned on them and shot the lot of them, 120 people died. There was an outrage. It was sanctioned by the leader of the Mormon Church at that time. There was an outrage against it, and so this Mountain Meadows became a scene in history of tremendous reproach against the Mormons. Now have a look at the whole story. Now you begin to see that right through this story, there is a thread of Mormon belief right through the whole story, their way of viewing salvation. It starts off - now get this - the family started with the father started off, who started this family, Cullen Senior, started off in the 1600s and exactly the time when Joseph Smith came and founded the Mormon Church, and got his so-called revelation. Not only that, the wife of this guy in the book is even named a similar name as Joseph Smith's first wife, who rebelled against the whole thing of multiple marriages. Notice this - the family is a special family, who stays true to the father's vision, which is what the Mormons believe. Think about it.

See, not only that, they proclaim chastity, but they also have this thing that the woman is saved through marriage and childbearing, which is the theme of the story. It's extraordinary how this stuff comes through. Notice this: they also promoted child brides, a very controversial practice, young girls being married to old men. Now have a think about this - how old is Edward really? See, the subtleties of the story are there right through it. He's over 100 years old guy, with a 17 year old girl? Give me a break. Come on, think about it. It's a story of her conversion into his family, and ultimate salvation. This is what goes right through the whole thing. It's full of the occult, it's full of it. So that's just that aspect of it. What about the relationship aspect? This is the bit that's really got a - this nails it to the tree.

I was stunned when I did the research, and found out just how much of the occult is steeped through the whole deal. I mean it was obvious vampires and werewolves, but it was far more subtle, far deeper than that, and so people form concepts about relationships. Now the thing is Twilight's a love story on steroids. It's a love story amped plus, and this is why girls love it, and guys think oh yeah. Guys who read it think oh man, there's too much, you know, it describes in detail her first kiss, and all the feelings and emotions. So although the book on the one hand says it's got a stance of pro-chastity, actually it's full of lust and a spirit of seduction. When you read the thing girls, you just go into fantasy world plus! It is fantasy plus! There ain't no Edward. [Laughter] He's a demonic delusion. What happens is, you get an idea of a relationship, and there's no such thing, and even if there was, you wouldn't want the kind of relationship he's got with her. It's horrendous.

Now of course there's some nice qualities he's got. He's really strong, and really fast, he's sensitive, and he's caring, and he listens to her - that's good. But what about this? He sneaks into her bedroom and stands there watching her while she sleeps. That is creepy. [Laughter] Hey, if you did that you'd be arrested, you know that. [Laughter] He eavesdrops on conversations - what is that about aye? He encourages her to deceive her father. Well that's really honouring your father well, isn't it? He takes her out of the truck and kidnaps her, separates her from her friends - notice this. This is all the signs of a totally dysfunctional relationship. Girls, if you ever have a guy, who's listening in on your conversations, tells you and teaches you to deceive your parents about what's going on, and takes you away on his own, separates you from your friends, you have got a big, big problem here.

Here's some other things. Of course, so she's got no self-confidence, she puts herself down, and she treats the boy as a superior being, and she really looks down on her humanity, wants to be like him. Now here's the thing that's the biggest problem in it, is emotional dependency. They are linked in a co-dependent emotional relationship that's incredibly unhealthy. They can't live without one another - [in a whiny voice] I can't live without you. The second story, when she departs from him, or he breaks the relationship up, she's just like a zombie. You want to see the pictures of her, she really looks really, really bad, and so see, emotional dependency means this. It means you're not emotionally stable. You aren't secure in yourself. You need someone else to make you feel good. Any relationship where you need someone else to make you feel good about yourself is doomed, totally doomed. It's totally doomed. Relationships do not work like that in real life. This is FANTASY!