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Download AudioAsian Testimony 22.7Mb Joy Connell 9-Oct-05
Download AudioYou! Follow me 21.3Mb Dave Connell 2-Oct-05
Download AudioWho do you say i am 20.7Mb Kate Connell 2-Oct-05
Download AudioThe Making of a Hero 21.2Mb Dave Connell 25-Sep-05
Download AudioNo Limits 14.3Mb Steve Rob... 18-Sep-05
Download AudioRock of Offense 24.5Mb Dave Connell 18-Sep-05
Download AudioReceiving Revelation 24.5Mb Mike Connell 12-Sep-05
Download AudioCall the Loyal 21.1Mb Andy Mason 4-Sep-05
Download AudioFathers Day 2005 - Godly Fathers (2 of 2) 17.0Mb Mike Connell 4-Sep-05
Download AudioFathers Day 2005 - Godly Fathers (1 of 2) 3.82Mb Mike Connell 4-Sep-05
Download AudioPlanted in the House 50.2Mb Mike Connell 14-Aug-05
Download AudioWhat happens to the Broken Hearted 22.3Mb Andy Mason 31-Jul-05
Download AudioBreaking Through 17.8Mb Mike Connell 24-Jul-05
Download AudioThe Bait of Offense 53.5Mb Mike Connell 24-Jul-05
Download AudioFear of God versus Fear of Man 11.2Mb Steve Rob... 10-Jul-05
Download AudioEven the Strong Struggle Sometimes 22.5Mb Doug Li 10-Jul-05
Download AudioDo you have Dominion? 21.7Mb Dave Connell 3-Jul-05
Download AudioMinistry Time (2 of 2) 19.1Mb David Hogan 30-Jun-05
Download AudioRaising the Dead (1 of 2) 24.8Mb David Hogan 30-Jun-05
Download AudioEsther 30.3Mb Matt Fielder 26-Jun-05
Download AudioMade for Dominion (2 of 2) - Identity 24.8Mb Mike Connell 26-Jun-05
Download AudioWho do you think you are 17.5Mb Andy Mason 19-Jun-05
Download AudioMade for Dominion (1 of 2) - Identity 19.9Mb Mike Connell 19-Jun-05
Download AudioTaking Ground 2.59Mb Steve Rob... 5-Jun-05
Download AudioWhat do you see 12.9Mb Dave Connell 5-Jun-05
Download AudioHand-up not a Hand-out 11.4Mb Dave Connell 29-May-05
Download AudioBreaking through Pain 15.3Mb Kal Li 22-May-05
Download AudioFree from Shame 19.6Mb Mike Connell 22-May-05
Download AudioA Life that you so Desire 15.3Mb Jurgen Ma... 15-May-05
Download AudioNo Compromise 11.1Mb Mike Connell 6-May-05
Download AudioNew face of Missions (1 of 3) 8.68Mb Mike Connell 1-Jan-05
Download AudioNew face of Missions (2 of 3) 7.88Mb Andy Mason 1-Jan-05
Download AudioNew Face of Missions (3 of 3) 5.40Mb Joy Connell 1-Jan-05
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