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Download AudioFathers Day - Courage 88.1Mb Mike Connell 29-Sep-19
Download AudioThe Road Called Breakthrough 50.7Mb Kate Connell 22-Sep-19
Download AudioHealing of the Heart 102Mb Mike Connell 27-Aug-19
Download AudioWhile You Were Sleeping 63.7Mb Kate Connell 27-Aug-19
Download AudioSonship & Heart Transformation (2 of 3) 143Mb Mike Connell 26-Aug-19
Download AudioSonship & Spiritual Warfare (3 of 3) 153Mb Mike Connell 26-Aug-19
Download AudioSonship & The Supernatural (1 of 3) 106Mb Mike Connell 26-Aug-19
Download AudioEnter In 77.4Mb Dave Connell 24-Aug-19
Download AudioThe Cross, 8 Divine Exchanges 81.6Mb Joy Connell 18-Aug-19
Download AudioWho Are You 62.1Mb Jenny Gai... 10-Aug-19
Download AudioPs Ayo Oyawale 75.2Mb Ayo Oyawale 28-Jul-19
Download AudioOur Voice 102Mb Dave Connell 21-Jul-19
Download AudioApostle Tamrat Tarekegn 999kB Tamrat Ta... 14-Jul-19
Download AudioSound The Trumpet! 91.4Mb Dave Connell 7-Jul-19
Download AudioThe Trumpet Sound 96.7Mb Dave Connell 30-Jun-19
Download AudioRepair the Altar of the Lord 98.6Mb Mike Connell 23-Jun-19
Download AudioThe Consecration Process 62.1Mb Dave Connell 21-Jun-19
Download AudioA Hope for the Lonely 106Mb Dave Connell 16-Jun-19
Download AudioPs. John Bridge 115Mb John Bridge 9-Jun-19
Download AudioPs. John Bridge (Saturday) 82.7Mb John Bridge 8-Jun-19
Download AudioPs Luka Robertson - Hope Center, Otara, NZ 83.8Mb Luka and ... 2-Jun-19
Download AudioThe Holy Spirit 131Mb Patty Val... 26-May-19
Download AudioGod hasn't finished with you yet 112Mb Patty Val... 26-May-19
Download AudioIntimate, strong, deep-rooted relationship with... 157Mb Patty Val... 25-May-19
Download AudioNo eye has seen 54.1Mb Dave Connell 19-May-19
Download AudioBowls and Birthrights 59.4Mb Shane Wil... 12-May-19
Download AudioWhy are you staring at the sky? 52.3Mb Shane Wil... 12-May-19
Download AudioThe mustard seed 103Mb Shane Wil... 11-May-19
Download AudioHow to have difficult conversations 67.0Mb Shane Wil... 11-May-19
Download AudioInner Healing and Deliverance 88.2Mb Mike Connell 5-May-19
Download AudioHow to be free from the spirit of Jezebel 106Mb Mike Connell 28-Apr-19
Download AudioEvangelist Terry Walker 71.6Mb Terry Walker 28-Apr-19
Download AudioA Heart and Mind to Build 70.4Mb Dave Connell 21-Apr-19
Download AudioThis is Love - Easter Presentation 74.8Mb Dave Connell 21-Apr-19
Download AudioThink like Jesus 81.9Mb Brent Cam... 14-Apr-19
Download AudioLeadership Seminar (2 of 2) 2.61Mb Brent Cam... 13-Apr-19
Download AudioLeadership Seminar (1 of 2) 29.0Mb Brent Cam... 13-Apr-19
Download AudioDr Sam Dunnet 69.6Mb Sam Dunnet 7-Apr-19
Download AudioHow to Develop Your Spirit Man 52.5Mb Mike Connell 31-Mar-19
Download AudioEve of Greatness 83.1Mb Dave Connell 24-Mar-19
Download AudioThe Way Out of Despair 79.5Mb Dave Connell 17-Mar-19
Download AudioHope Is Alive 72.5Mb Sandra Ke... 10-Mar-19
Download AudioCrossing Over 67.2Mb Sandra Ke... 10-Mar-19
Download AudioOvercoming a Spirit of Unbelief 68.7Mb Mike Connell 3-Mar-19
Download AudioThe Majesty of God Mike Connell 24-Feb-19
Download AudioThe Impact of Giving 76.3Mb Dave Connell 10-Feb-19
Download AudioReach Out 68.6Mb Dave Connell 2-Feb-19
Download AudioPathway to Power (1 of 2) 82.8Mb Mike Connell 8-Jan-19
Download AudioExtravagant Love 74.9Mb Mike Connell 6-Jan-19
Download AudioHealing The Father Wound 50.4Mb Peter Ker... 9-Dec-18
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