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Download AudioA Spirit Of Hospitality 70.4Mb Dave Connell 2-Dec-18
Download AudioGenerational Blessing 73.6Mb Mike Connell 2-Dec-18
Download AudioRun, I Hear The Rain 67.4Mb Kate Connell 25-Nov-18
Download AudioIt's Time To Make A Change 66.7Mb Dave Connell 18-Nov-18
Download AudioFreedom From Fear 75.2Mb Mike Connell 11-Nov-18
Download AudioHoly Spirit Visitation (2 of 2) 155Mb Tamrat Ta... 9-Nov-18
Download AudioPastor Ian Wright 59.9Mb Ian Wright 28-Oct-18
Download AudioRise, He Is Calling You 57.0Mb Dave Connell 28-Oct-18
Download AudioDealing with an Orphan Spirit (6 of 6) 122Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioEstablishing Identity (5 of 6) 84.3Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioPassing through your Valley (4 of 6) 112Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioRevealing the Father's Love (1 of 6) 109Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioThe Orphan Mentality (2 of 6) 126Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioThe Power of God (3 of 6) 65.1Mb Mike Connell 24-Oct-18
Download AudioKnowing God As Our Father 53.0Mb Bruce Gre... 7-Oct-18
Download AudioMake It To Your End Zone 56.5Mb Dave Connell 30-Sep-18
Download AudioThe Father's Blessing 76.7Mb Mike Connell 23-Sep-18
Download AudioWhat Has Your Ear 63.8Mb Dave Connell 16-Sep-18
Download AudioHow Is Your Well 75.8Mb Kirrily Lowe 9-Sep-18
Download AudioOne 63.9Mb Kate Connell 2-Sep-18
Download AudioImpacting Your World For Christ 58.7Mb Brydon Ni... 26-Aug-18
Download AudioKilling Your Giants (2 of 2) 113Mb Brian Tamaki 26-Aug-18
Download AudioKilling Your Giants (1 of 2) 100Mb Brian Tamaki 19-Aug-18
Download AudioAccident or Assignment 72.7Mb Mike Connell 12-Aug-18
Download AudioFace to Face 47.1Mb Dave Connell 5-Aug-18
Download AudioIt's Hidden In The Earth 53.8Mb Dave Connell 29-Jul-18
Download AudioFaith In The Storm 65.9Mb Saras Bany 22-Jul-18
Download AudioHitting The Wall 65.6Mb Dave Connell 15-Jul-18
Download AudioProsperity In Relationship 75.0Mb Dave Connell 8-Jul-18
Download AudioPower Of Commitment 45.6Mb Jenny Gai... 1-Jul-18
Download AudioProsperity (2 of 2) 82.3Mb Dave Connell 24-Jun-18
Download AudioProsperity (1 of 2) 77.4Mb Dave Connell 17-Jun-18
Download AudioHow To Walk In The Supernatural 72.5Mb Mike Connell 10-Jun-18
Download AudioWhy We Need To Pray 70.7Mb Mike Connell 3-Jun-18
Download AudioThe Call 82.9Mb Dave Connell 27-May-18
Download AudioMother's Day 36.2Mb Dave Connell 13-May-18
Download AudioNo Grumbling 67.5Mb Shane Wil... 6-May-18
Download AudioThe Bible 108Mb Shane Wil... 6-May-18
Download AudioThe End Of Hostility 74.7Mb Shane Wil... 5-May-18
Download AudioGlory Of God 63.6Mb Shane Wil... 5-May-18
Download AudioSent On Assignment 73.1Mb Mike Connell 29-Apr-18
Download AudioPastor Kerry Robertson 54.3Mb Kerry Rob... 22-Apr-18
Download AudioA Heart Of Thankfulness 53.4Mb Russel Ho... 15-Apr-18
Download AudioBill Frisbee 57.8Mb Bill Frisbee 8-Apr-18
Download AudioEaster 2018 20.4Mb Mike Connell 8-Apr-18
Download AudioOvercoming The Orphan Spirit 117Mb Mike Connell 1-Apr-18
Download AudioThe Need For The Holy Spirit In The Church 81.2Mb Mike Connell 1-Apr-18
Download AudioGod's Breath To Dry Bones 41.9Mb Dave Connell 25-Mar-18
Download AudioRecognizing The Call Of God (2 of 2) 63.3Mb Dave Connell 18-Mar-18
Download AudioThe Hidden Call Of God (1 of 2) 77.7Mb Dave Connell 11-Mar-18
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