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Download AudioThe Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 2 (9 of 12) 65.4Mb Mike Connell 6-Sep-20
Download AudioCelebrating 50 years 60.5Mb Mike Connell 31-Aug-20
Download AudioThe Judgment Seat of Christ - Part 1 (8 of 12) 69.8Mb Mike Connell 30-Aug-20
Download AudioNo Longer I 65.1Mb Kate Connell 27-Aug-20
Download AudioHonour, Treasures and Vindication (7 of 12) 65.8Mb Mike Connell 23-Aug-20
Download AudioUnderstand our Assignment in Life 67.5Mb Dave Connell 16-Aug-20
Download AudioProsperity, Moving Forward 80.5Mb Dave Connell 2-Aug-20
Download AudioCalled By God 71.0Mb Dave Connell 29-Jul-20
Download AudioThe Kingdom of God 86.3Mb Michael N... 19-Jul-20
Download AudioVictor's Crowns (6 of 12) 68.4Mb Mike Connell 17-Jul-20
Download AudioWill You Be Ready? 58.2Mb Dave Connell 12-Jul-20
Download AudioSigns of the End Times (3 of 3) 84.9Mb Mike Connell 5-Jul-20
Download AudioGarments of Glory & Beauty (5 of 12) 75.7Mb Mike Connell 5-Jul-20
Download AudioThe Signs of the End Times (2 of 3) 82.2Mb Mike Connell 27-Jun-20
Download AudioWorship & Warfare (Worship Team) 79.7Mb Mike Connell 25-Jun-20
Download AudioOvercoming the Spirit of Injustice 63.0Mb Mike Connell 22-Jun-20
Download AudioOverview of Eternal Rewards - Part 2 (4 of 12) 65.6Mb Mike Connell 21-Jun-20
Download AudioSigns of the Coming of Jesus (1 of 3) 94.4Mb Mike Connell 21-Jun-20
Download AudioOverview of Eternal Rewards - Part 1 (3 of 12) 61.9Mb Mike Connell 19-Jun-20
Download AudioRunning with Horses 60.2Mb Dave Connell 14-Jun-20
Download AudioKey Principles Related to Eternal Rewards (2 of... 55.7Mb Mike Connell 13-Jun-20
Download AudioIntroduction to Eternal Rewards (1 of 12) 59.3Mb Mike Connell 7-Jun-20
Download AudioOil of Intimacy 55.4Mb Mike Connell 4-Jun-20
Download AudioPentecost Sunday Dave Connell 31-May-20
Download AudioInvesting Your Time 79.6Mb Mike Connell 24-May-20
Download AudioThe Prophet and the Prostitute 67.3Mb Kate Connell 10-May-20
Download AudioIntimacy with Jesus 63.4Mb Mike Connell 3-May-20
Download AudioParable of the Ten Virgins 63.4Mb Mike Connell 3-May-20
Download AudioBlood in the Water 35.0Mb Shane Wil... 26-Apr-20
Download AudioDave Connell 84.4Mb Dave Connell 26-Apr-20
Download AudioHeavy Hearts 85.9Mb Dave Connell 19-Apr-20
Download AudioThe Significance of Passover 72.0Mb Mike Connell 19-Apr-20
Download AudioPrayer Night 80.8Mb Patty Val... 17-Apr-20
Download AudioA message from our bubble to yours 13.4Mb Mike Connell 12-Apr-20
Download AudioEaster Sunday 82.9Mb Mike Connell 12-Apr-20
Download AudioEmpty Yourself 29.0Mb Shane Wil... 10-Apr-20
Download AudioDave Connell 80.6Mb Dave Connell 5-Apr-20
Download AudioGod's Sonship Design (3 of 3) 69.3Mb Mike Connell 2-Apr-20
Download AudioThe Purpose of Prayer (2 of 3) 66.7Mb Mike Connell 2-Apr-20
Download AudioOvercoming the Accuser (1 of 3) 61.0Mb Mike Connell 1-Apr-20
Download AudioStrengthen Yourself In The Lord 65.3Mb Mike Connell 29-Mar-20
Download AudioCome Together 146Mb Dave Connell 22-Mar-20
Download AudioGet Your Lean On 80.2Mb Dave Connell 15-Mar-20
Download AudioDeveloping a Noble Heart 64.5Mb Peter Ker... 8-Mar-20
Download AudioEvangelist Terry Walker 40.7Mb Terry Walker 4-Mar-20
Download AudioVision Sunday - Name Change Announcement 123Mb Mike Connell 23-Feb-20
Download AudioWhy Be Filled With The Holy Spirit? 64.7Mb Mike Connell 18-Feb-20
Download AudioGod Strengthens Your Heart 58.7Mb Dave Connell 9-Feb-20
Download AudioOvercoming the Root of Bitterness 77.4Mb Mike Connell 6-Feb-20
Download AudioThe Freedom of Faith 76.8Mb Dave Connell 6-Feb-20
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