Session (1 of 4) Hell We are not called just to go to heaven one day, but to be a minister of the power of the kingdom of God, to everyone you come into contact with. Sometimes the greatest miracle is someone who is angry, and now they're peaceful. You can bring a miracle of kingdom power to your home tonight, by being calm.

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Who is Your Slave Driver Jesus didn't die just to forgive us; Jesus died so we could be slave driver-free: here, now, today. Something is ruling my life other than God; and God steps down, without me deserving it, and He takes the slave driver away.

My only responsibility in that is: faith, and repentance; to change my mind, so that I don't keep going back to the slave driver, over and over and over; that I don't keep opening up my life to the same slave driver.

The Days of Caesar Luke 2:1 - “In the days of Caesar Augustus there went out a decree that: all the world should be taxed.”

What was going on in the world, when God chose to reveal Himself in Jesus?

Bowl or Birthright The most hated man in the whole Bible, by far the most foolish man who ever lived. This guy was basically an honest, hard-working man, who traded everything he could be, for one meal - just beans.

Becoming Less Important Even in Hell, the rich man still thought he was better than the beggar: send Lazarus here to serve me in Hell; send him back to Earth to serve my family.

God is not looking to make ‘rich men’, but a nation of ‘wealthy stewards’, who use their money as God would have them use it - for the glory of God and the kingdom of God.

God would want every one of us to be so wealthy, that other nations would call us ‘blessed’ - but it's not wealth for our sake, so we could build bigger barns to store it, but wealth to take care of the people who can't take care of themselves.


Hallowed in Secret, Manifested in Public (1 of 4) To develop the Disposition of Messiah, Hallow it in Secret; because what you hallow in secret, you will manifest in public.

What it means to be Born Again (2 of 4) View salvation in a whole new light, as Shane unlocks Hebraic understanding, and what Jesus was trying to communicate to others, on what it truly means to be born again.

The Authority of a Rabbi (3 of 4) Examine the basic concepts of rabbinical authority, our role in coming under the authority of Jesus; and how this authority affected the disciples and Jesus' life.

Healing in the Tassels (4 of 4) Num 15:37 - Throughout the generations to come, you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel. You will have these tassels to look at, so you will remember all of the commands of the Lord your God; that you may obey them, and not prostitute yourself by going after the lust of your own hearts and eyes.

Demonic spirits gain access to our lives through a variety of doorways, and rob us of blessing and healthy relationships. In this seminar we get to understand how they operate, and come in through our family line, occult activity, sexual sin and broken relationships. You will be able to access freedom and change the future for you and your family.

Recorded in Taiwan by Inspiring Moment:

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If we don't relentlessly deal with the Blame Game, then we think we're trying to move in faith, but we're actually continuing old patterns of unbelief and irresponsibility. The Blame Game started in Genesis, when God talked to Adam & Eve about eating the fruit of the tree. When they started blaming, God stopped talking - they experienced the consequences of their decision.
Kings Dream (1 of 4) Kings dream. Kings declare. Kings prepare and then kings are generous. You're called to be a King! Will you live like a servant who's not enough and always complains and has no dream? Or will you live as a king, begin to dream, begin to declare, begin to prepare and begin to generously give? You have to choose.

Let the Kings Arise (2 of 4) Peter says, you are a chosen generation. You are a royal priesthood. Many believers tend to think we're sinners, and see ourselves in terms of our past or our failures, but God says you are an offspring, that God has chosen you, put His DNA spiritually into you and now you are the offspring of God in the earth. He says you are a royal priesthood. In other words you have royalty in you. You are the offspring of a king. Notice how kings operate, how kings speak, they carry themselves in a noble way. They act in a way often different to what ordinary people do. Why is that? Because they know who they are and they know how they're to operate in the earth.

Servants or Kings (3 of 4) God does not want you to live in the realm of a servant or slave. He wants you to live in the realm of friend - very important for your destiny and for your future that you migrate in your thinking from servant to friend. A servant is trained to: listen for instructions; follow the instructions. Their own desires or dreams are not involved.

Slave or Son (4 of 4) You may still be in bondage, but God sees you as His son. He sees you according to destiny. He sees you according to His call on your life. You may be struggling and have all kinds of problems, pressures; you may not even be saved, but God sees you through the eyes of His destiny, says My Son and He calls you to move out of slavery and into sonship.

Standing in the Storms of Life (1 of 2) You don't always see the connection between your actions and the current storm. Sometimes there's a bit of time takes place before finally you start to reap the consequences of your actions and your inner storm, whether it be in your marriage, in your family, in your finances, in your personal life, in your work life and actually it's the result of neglect or the result of poor choices. You're going to have to not just pray about it and blame the devil on it. You've actually got to own and take full responsibility, you only have power over the storm if you own responsibility. The second kind of storm then is a God-directed storm, that kind of storm is to bring you to surrender. There's just some natural storms that come in life. There can be some storms which are just straight out demonic.

Standing in the Storms of Life (2 of 2) Jesus shows His dominion over nature, total authority over the law of gravity when He's walking on water. When He got into the boat immediately the wind just stopped. The third thing that happened was immediately the boat was on the other side, transported! Sometimes when we read the gospels we just read them almost with eyes blinded to the reality of the supernatural. Go preach the gospel, and signs will follow those who believe


Imagination (1 of 4)
Fantasy, an addictive drug (2 of 4)
Cleansing the Imagination (3 of 4)
Renewal of the Mind (4 of 4)
King David was associated with 5 different cities, representing different seasons in his life, each with their own lessons to learn.

To serve your generation, study these aspects of David, and take on the same traits.

Jesus was called the “Son of David”, because He had the same kind of characteristics and qualities.

Your Identity in Christ (1 of 4)
From Victim to Victor (2 of 4)
Performance (3 of 4)
Establishing your Identity in Christ (4 of 4)
Anointing and Authority (1 of 3)
恩膏与权威 (1 of 3)
Anointing and Healing (2 of 3)
恩膏与治疗 (2 of 3)
Anointing and Power (3 of 3)
恩膏和电源 (3 of 3)
Workplace Evangelism with Real Impact (1 of 2)
Conquering the Gates of the Enemy through Prayers (2 of 2)
通过祈祷征服“敌人的盖茨” (2 of 2)

Priority of the Kingdom (1 of 4)
Democracy or Kingdom (2 of 4)
Kingdom Mandate (3 of 4)
Kingdom Authority (4 of 4)
Christian Teaching on the Deliverance Ministry
Jurong West Church, Singapore

Destiny Decisions (1 of 2)
Destiny decisions (2 of 2)
Anwar Fazel (3b of 3)
Anwar Fazel (3a of 3)
Anwar Fazel (2 of 3)
Anwar Fazel (1 of 3)

Healing Hurts
Foundations of Your Spirit Man
Building Your Spirit Man
Building Your Spirit Man (Practice Session)

Destiny Thieves (1 of 2)
Destiny Thieves (2 of 2)
Deliverance and Healing Heart (1 of 5) Session (1 of 2): What we thin or believe in or heart affects how we live out our life (Prov.23v7). Unless we address the heart issues, change will not be lasting. Religion tries to change us from the outside, but God imparts a better person into the heart. Our battle is to believe what God says is true. The fall of man came when man was deceived, and believed two lies: 1) God is not loving at all, he is stopping you getting ahead; and 2) If you want real freedom, take your own path.

Session (2 of 2): After man fell, he experienced guilt, shame, fear - Adam & Eve sought to cover themselves and hide from God. Explore how God handled Adam & Eve - by initiating connection and asking questions - relational questions (where are you? what is happening in your life) and truth questions (did you eat the fruit of the tree?). How we respond to consequences.

Deliverance and Healing Heart (2 of 5) Session (1 of 2): The language of the heart is very different from the language of the mind. Discover how to connect with the heart, to tune it. There are forces (energies) that impact the heart - positively and negatively

Session (2 of 2): This session covers seven 'activations' to help us experience the presence and flow of the Holy Spirit. The first four involve the Holy Spirit energising us with tongues. We then develop the capacity to tune in quickly and easily, to impressions we have. There are two different flows - the flow from within, which we impart; and the anointing of the spirit upon people.

Deliverance and Healing Heart (3 of 5)
Christian Teaching on the Deliverance Ministry
Jurong West Church - School of Theology
Chinese (3-18), English (1-18)